Ask Lilli: Steampunk

Welcome to the first “Ask Lilli” segment for Frocks & Frou Frou, where I will be attempting to answer your special requests!

First up we have Fiona, who asks (hypothetically) “I just bought a pair of steampunk goggles, how can I steampunk up my look?”

Steampunk Goggles: Wildilocks

Well, first up for those who may not be aware of it – Steampunk “envisions a future that has collapsed onto a re-imagined Victorian past. Steam and clockworks replace silicon logic, brass and copper stand in for titanium and plastic, and airships replace spaceships.”*

It’s wonderfully stylistic, and I wish I had the balls to theme-dress for it, because there’s a plethora available online – most noticeably on Etsy, which seems to be a total go-to, one-stop-shop for all things Steampunk.

First up, I suppose you need to decide whether or not you want to go the whole hog, or simply inject a little steampunk into your everyday wear. If it’s the latter there’s a couple of key pieces you could consider:

Ruffle Bustle Bumbag: Swan Clothing ___ I love this little bustle bumbag, and it’s the perfect way to add a bit of neo-Victoriana to a simple jeans-and-tee-shirt ensemble.

Spats: Straight Razor Slasher ___These spats come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Legwarmers: Corpseknit ____Or for a more romantic look you can go with these awesome spats-styled legwarmers.

Jacket: OneHundredYears ____ A smartly tailored waistcoat (maybe with a remixed pocketwatch strung across the front) or a cropped jacket/bolero number like this one looks great dressed up or down.

Brooch: 10PM Jewelry ____ There is a LOT of Steampunk inspired jewelery available on Etsy. Personally I like the use of cogs and clockfaces, and mysterious keys.

Feathered Headband: The Steampunk Trunk ____ Presumably you’ll be wearing your goggles on your head, but if you were invited out for a special dinner, or night at the theatre, you could eschew them for this glamorous little headband.

Tubeway Armies: Gaye Abandon ____ I own two pairs of these one-of-a-kind fingerless mitts, and they’re fantastic for Steampunk fashionistas who are in the middle of writing the Great Australian Novel as they keep your wrists and arms warm, but your fingers free. I have a particular penchant for mis-matched pairs: they’re like Camper’s Twins Shoes, but for your arms!

Steampunk Keyboard: Steampunk Workshop ____ If you get a moment, check out the Steampunk Workshop for ideas on how to remix your boring noughties technology to reflect your Steampunk flair.

Fishwalker: buildersstudio ____ I’ve just added these guys because I think they’re absolutely adorable, and I know how you are about your figures and collectibles.

Need more ideas? Check out My Disguises for a comprehensive guide to designing your own personal steampunk costume.

6 thoughts on “Ask Lilli: Steampunk

  1. Oh Lilli, you are the most awesome thing to ever exist. MY BANK ACCOUNT DISAGREES HEARTILY, HOWEVER.

    I will be snapping up as many of these things as I can. You are a treasure trove of ideas! I need those fish walkers, you are correct. And I had completely forgotten about those spats. Lucky for me, Chris thinks steampunk is equally awesome and is supportive of me wasting our hard-earned on themed clothes. Hooray! But also boo, my keyboard looks terribly boring now.

  2. Oh I love that grey jacket, even though it would never fit me. Probably a good thing for my bank account 😉

  3. Oooh, thanks for the link Sarah – looks like a great site! Also – hate to tell you this – but I think that Etsy seller does custom orders…. just so you know 😉

    Fi – you know I live to serve. Besides, I’m all for living vicariously, and I can’t think of anyone else you could pull this look off better than you!

    Thanks, elsiee! You should definitely give it a go… you could always start small…

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