Leggings: MySize
Shoes: Zensu
Eagle-eyed readers will recognise this tee-dress from a previous entry. Shortly after writing the price of the dress dropped crazily, and what’s a girl to do? I’m really glad I decided to get it, because it looks and fits exactly as I hoped it would. I’m less pleased with the other items I ordered at the same time (to rationalise the postage, y’know?).
This dress was frighteningly short, and oddly proportioned to boot. Perhaps I had the wrong size, but I can’t imagine that going up a size would’ve changed the hem from knickers skimming to the more reasonable knee-length I’d envisaged.
These jeans were perfectly divine, or would’ve been if they’d managed to encompass the Thighs Of Doom. I loved them enough to deliberate over going up a size, but it looks like DP’s out of stock for the moment. Sigh. (Not like I haven’t got enough jeans already, huh?)

9 thoughts on “Tee-time

  1. Oh man, you look killer in those stripes. That is an awesome outfit.

    Hey, do you think you could do an “ask Aunt Lillipilli”? You know, where your devotees could ask (hypothetically) “I just bought a pair of steampunk goggles, how can I steampunk up my look?”

  2. That looks great!
    I really miss Dotty P’s (am English)
    but sometimes the sizes are strange from there. The tops tend to come in smaller and the jeans while gorgeous tend to come up tight on the hips and loose on the waist, although that’s pretty good for the apples out there

  3. That dress looks great on you! I must admit I saw it about a day before you blogged about it & ummed & aahed.

    I've bought 2 dresses from DP and found both to be waaaay too short – maybe our legs are longer over here??

    Oh and I second a "ask Aunt LP"…

  4. First time commenter here. I third an Ask LP feature! I found your blog via fatshionista and have spent hours (when I *should* have been doing other things, a-HEM!) clicking through all the old entries. You have such a sense for color and fashion and putting things together and finding things that flatter… I just love your style! I am discovering fashion for the first time in my life (I’m 31, and have NO knack for it, plus I have a funny-shaped body) and I’m reading style blogs for ideas. Yours is one of my two favorites. If you went into business as a style and wardrobe consultant, and took clients in the US, I’d hire you. Just an idea. But I seriously would.

    (Arg, rats, I can’t remember my blogger password so I have to post as Anonymous. But if you ever hang out at Shapely Prose (http://kateharding.net) I comment as A Sarah. There’s also a Shapely Prose Ning community so we could be in touch that way if you have any interest helping me figure out how to dress myself!)

  5. Lilli the outfit looks great. I actually wanted to tell you that I love the red Eshtaki dress you posted on Vogue. I’ve been banned from Vogue, for apparently “repeatedly breaching forum rules” – don’t actually know what I’ve done.

  6. I love that dress! I’m six months pregnant so I’m having to not buy new clothes because I have no idea if they’ll fit me, but I almost bought that one.

    I saw it on a site you linked, with DP and other overseas brands but it was an aussie site. I’ve of course forgotten the address…

  7. Great idea, Fi – Have added. Your “hypothetical” (hehe, you little shopaholic, you) query will be up first!

    Thanks Anon, You have (had) some of the best shops over there in the UK, I can understand why you would miss them!

    CharlieLoves, yeah what IS it with the lengths! I can only imagine how miniscule the skirts on the things that actually LOOK short are! Genetically longer legs makes a lot of sense, actually… I mean there’s a lot more country to go striding about in in Australia, right? heheh.

    Hiya, A Sarah, and thanks for commenting! I’m so glad you found me, and I know ALL about losing track of time online! Thanks so much for your lovely comments (blush!). I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, but if you ever came over to the other side of the world I’d be more than happy to take you shopping, lol. It’s my favourite pastime!

    Oh noes, D_H – Vogue is so peculiar about things! That eShakti dress is pretty divine, though.

    Hi Lucy, I’ll have a bit of a think about which site it may have been… It linked this dress in particular?

  8. I ‘ve just discovered your blog thru an other one and I must say that your cloths are gorgeous!
    I have the same dress! And like it a lot!!!
    A new french speaking reader!

  9. It was a whole lot of import brands – I don’t think you linked that dress because I spent a (totally embarrassing) while going through your archives and I think you linked it a while back. Possibly linking handbags? It was like an outlet site for aussies with overseas brands. Maybe. Or I might have made it up in my head.

    If I could remember ANYTHING right now life would be a lot easier!

    I am now wishing so hard that I’d bought the dress regardless of sizing issues, although I’d probably wear it now and stretch it beyond repair.

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