Down to Business

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that in my Real Life I work as an unassuming sales rep for a kids publishing company. It’s pretty much my perfect job; I get to visit bookshops and talk to interested people about one of my favourite subjects.

Well this time last month I had a really crappy day when one of my clients – cranky about our new trading terms – decided that the best way for him to express his displeasure was to have a bit of a go at the rep.

I don’t cope terribly well with conflict, and it really shook me up. My manager – bless her – told me that if I wasn’t comfortable going back, then she’d “deal with” the client, but I’ve been selling in to him for over five years and this was the first time I’d ever seen him lose control. He apologised later and I’m nothing if not forgiving, so he gets a second chance.

That said, today I decided that I needed to remind him that we have a professional relationship, and that if he behaved unprofessionally towards me again by trying to physically intimidate or bully me the only thing that would happen is that he’d lose his rep.

It’s hard to be authoritative in a floral skirt or a Care Bears t-shirt so I scrounged around in my wardrobe to come up with the most business-like outfit I could put together:

Vest: Target
Shirt: Events
Trousers: Jacqui E
Superior Expression: Lilli

It’s a little out-of-character for me, but I’m hoping it exudes an aura of professionalism. What do you think? Did I pull it off?

11 thoughts on “Down to Business

  1. Sorry to say, but you still look cute!

    BUT your attitude is shining through! Hope it all worked out well. I’m sick of bullies in the work environment.

  2. You look great LIl, but don’t let him stop wearing your other outfits. To me professional dress is that which is appropriate to one’s profession, which in your case should include colour and interesting pieces.

    This guy should treat you as a professional because you are one, not because of what you’re wearing.

  3. you pulled it off – as long as you walked in with your arms crossed like that!! teehee – there is absolutely NO place for bullying…go get him lil!

  4. You tell him girlfriend! I’m with dh, it’s the person in the frock that deserves the respect, not the frock itself! Having said that, you did look every inch the corporate goddess! And if he tries to be a nasty piece again, I’d sick Suki onto him, nasty claws up the leg and nether regions would work like a charm! hehehe

  5. More than pulled it off! Sometimes clothes can give you a real boost. I have to dress a certain way when I want people to believe I know things 😉

    Work conflicts tend to sour my day too. That sounds particularly intense and you’re very brave for deciding to continue. Very professional.

  6. Between the makeup and the outfit, you totally pulled it off. I have those days too, where I need a little bit more support from my clothes than just looking good – i need to feel smart and put together.

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