Coming up Roses

Headband: Squid Sense
Today I had one of those days where I looked in my wardrobe and couldn’t find anything to wear. I think I’m a bit fed up with the warmer weather, and am more than ready to don some more autumnal outfits (I’ve decided this will be a boots-over-jeans winter).
I finally decided to wear my AA pencil skirt again (though looking at these pictures I suspect I’m going to have to invest in a half slip, as I didn’t realise how much it was getting stuck to my legs!) and it turns out that the skirt goes perfectly wit my new headband:
Headband: Squid Sense
I don’t usually manage to keep headbands on all day as I find they pinch my head and I end up with a migraine, but this gorgeous confection from Squid Sense is remarkably comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Coming up Roses

  1. Oof, thats so purty. You can so pull off the roses! Being redheaded, freckled, albino child, the roses she don’t work for me.
    Long live the headband though, I’m eyeing off one of the feathered ones from your steampunk post!
    Yay you Lili, making all my internet shopping so much easier.

  2. Calliecat, what about a nice black or other dark coloured rose? A good friend of mine is a redhead and I’ve always been jealous of her hair! Much better then plain-jane mousey brown 🙂

    Lovely outfit Lily, as always.

  3. I have such love for all things headwear, and this Squid Sense headband is no exception! It’s so lovely :). Lots of other fab things in that store, too.

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