If I Had a Million (US) Dollars…

Sigh. Gone are the days where the nearly dollar-for-dollar exchange rate on our Little Aussie Battler meant that Online Shopping was as cheap and easy as the trek out to the Mall.
We’ve been meandering around the 64c mark lately, and if the doom-and-gloom business reports are to be believed we could be looking at a drop to a little as US58c to the dollar in the months to come.

As a result I’ve developed a new “look, don’t touch” approach to online shopping that I’m finding seriously depressing.

So, in the honour of my poor empty mail-box, lets all have a moment of silence for Lillipilli’s Internet Shopping Wishlist:

Dress: eShakti
This divine silk dress can be custom-made to your own measurements, and the company will actually ship internationally (though they claim not to). I’ve ordered from them before, and the product’s lovely, beautiful fabrics and gorgeous detailing and embroidery. Someone I read referred to them as Anthropologie for Curvy’s, and I wholehearted agree.
Soft Top: Ureshii
I have another top with this sort of draped neckline, and it’s so flattering. Ureshii will make this (and other equally buttery soft jersey tops) in a variety of yummy colours.
What could be cuter than a mini-me fashionista? This pretty little softie (her name is Belle) is made from Vintage fabrics, and creator Shannon can also custom-make her a sister. Perhaps with red boots, if that happens to be your thing.
Dress: Stop Staring
This dress is a retro delight, figure-hugging and oh-so elegant

Is this the perfect LBD? Designer Jiminie can remodel the style to your own specifications, and from the feedback it looks like her work is absolutely impeccable.

Uppercase Scarf: Little Factory
Have you ever seen a cooler scarf for booklovers? I haven’t!

Heather Shoes: Duo
Duo Boots are so deliciously comfortable I can only imagine that these shoes would be heavenly to wear. Good sturdy block heel and a cute bow on top. I’d wear them with a tweed pencil skirt and a silk blouse for that secretary chic.

Avingnon Boots: Duo Boots
I’m desperate for a pair of brown boots to wear over jeans once the cooler months hit. These fit the bill perfectly, and I love the buckle detail.

Dress: Evans
This red dress is perfectly scarlet, and the flutter sleeves add a touch of fun.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
I’m all about fuschia at the moment – It’s my New Red (or at least it would be if I could find it in any shops!). This dress drapes in a way that suggests it would evoke a great va-va-voom silhouette.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Oooh – imagine this over a pair of opaque stockings – it’s a little bit Blondie, and a little bit emo, and all style. I like the low-riding belt.

Shirt Dress: Bravissimo
I haven’t had a lot of luck with shirtdresses – they always gape – but I suspect this one from Bravissimo (cut for girls with a bit more boobage) would fit just the way I want it too.

Nightie: Bravissimo
I love my PJ top, but I’m a bit nightgown fan, and now I know how well the inbuilt support works it’s hard to resist shelling out the extra funds for one of the nighties.

9 thoughts on “If I Had a Million (US) Dollars…

  1. I must admit, I’m a bit in love with DP’s these days. Low prices for fashionable but still chic clothes that come in larger sizes, what’s not to like?

  2. omg lilli – the eshakti dress is TO DIE FOR! you simply MUST have it. or if you must refrain, i MUST have it…although i’m not sure i have the occassion to wear it, maybe i should take a leaf out of your book and admire from afar. (apologies for the book pun, completely unintended!)

  3. Gah, that Stop Staring dress has been on my wishlist for YEARS, along with a whole stack of other Stop Staring dresses that I wish I’d bought back when the dollar wasn’t so depressing. And in answer to your question about what could be cooler than the uppercase scarf – well, that would be the lowercase scarf. I’ll get one, you get the other, then we’ll be differnt enough to be seen together in public. 🙂

  4. Oh dress perfection in many guises. I have many opportunities to wear a dress this year – weddings, events blah blah blah and have only just started thinking about it, so this is ideal for me.

    Thanks lovely!

  5. Jinx! I was just checking out Eshakti. I want one of the yellow dresses (probably the one with colourful buttons around the neckline).

    Love that scarf as well.

    I can’t recall what size you are, but Table Eight has some fuschia dresses atm, on sale for $70. Go to an 18, I think.

  6. Too cool – I’ve never head of the site stopstaring.com, but I’m going there right now thanks to you 🙂

  7. I have just ordered that eshakti dress – and getting it sent to friends in Canada who will forward to me – how on earth do you get them to ship internationally?!

  8. Hi Traciv,
    that’s great! You must let me know what it’s like, when it arrives!

    I suspect the deal with eShakti, is like with Nordstrom – you need to put the order through directly to their customer service.

    They definitely do ship internationally – I ordered from them a few years ago, then emailled them again as I was writing this entry, just to make sure the policy hadn’t changed.

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