Remix-me Mon- er, Tuesday

Yep, sorry, this was actually meant to be the next install in my remix me Mondays, but I bought one too few buttons (what the hell kind of number of buttons is nine, anyway?) so instead you get a remix me Tuesday, which doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it!

Currently Portmans is doing a delicious range of embellished cardigans, and my absolute favourite was this one:
Tragically, it seems to have been everyone’s favourite, and by the time I spotted it, you couldn’t get anything above a size “S” for love or money.
Never mind – thought I – a bit of ribbon, a coupla buttons… I reckon I could whip it up in an afternoon.

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Foolish, foolish girl.
My first mistake was thinking that it was be easy to find a plain black crew-neck cardigan. In fact I had to spend several hours on Saturday trawling the shops before I remembered I’d seen a possible contender at Dream Diva a week or so earlier. If you happen to have a plain cardigan (doesn’t have to be black, or course!) the part of the job will be much easier.
If you do have to buy one specially for the project I suggest you don’t make my second mistake: The Dream Diva cardigan’s a lovely style but the fine knit is very delicate and waaaaaay stretchy. This mean that the first time I tried to sew a ribbon to it the fabric buckled, and the result looked like one of those loose fit dogs.
I did a bit of research online, and one of the sites recommended pinning tissue paper to the wrong side of the garment to stop it stretching while you sewed, then tearing it off once you’re finished. I only had interfacing, which worked an absolute treat. It wouldn’t tear off, but I trimmed the excess away and the result’s much the same.
Once I sorted out the buckling issue it was simply a case of sewing the ribbons and the bows to the cardigan – I did the lot freehand, rather than measuring, which I think gives it a kind of shabby-chic look that works well. (Make sure the ribbon you use is washable, or you won’t be able to wear the cardigan more than a few times!)
Finally I swapped the black buttons for pearl ones and voila!

I’m really pleased with it and even counting the bought-especially cardigan I still spent less than if I’d bought the original from Portmans .
Cardigan: Dream Diva (remixed)
Pants: Entitled
Belt: Fiorelli

16 thoughts on “Remix-me Mon- er, Tuesday

  1. I’m so impressed!! Even as you’re describing the process I was wondering how it would turn out – look at YOU!! It’s gorgeous!! Well DONE!!

  2. Well done! I hope now the weather’s about to turn cool, you’ll get lots of wear out of it.

    I should probably point out that Jacqui E has an embellished pale cream cardi with black lace down the front.

    My first thought when I spotted it was that it was something you’d probably like a lot.

  3. Oh, well done! At first I thought the original pic (of the Portmans cardi) and your finished product were one and the same!

  4. That is freakishly adorable and so easy! I may have to do something similar with one of my plain cardigans I never wear anymore.

  5. oh my god. i wish i could do that. the cardi looks so amazing, and beautifully embellished! 😀 the most DIY i’ve ever done was sew 3 buttons on to my blazer. :-/

  6. You are such a clever classy sausage!It looks just like a bought one…I wish I had your eye and patience! 🙂

    How’s the furbaby after her little operation?

  7. wow I can’t see any differences between my cardigan and yours (except that yours cost less but I’ll *try* not to think about that one)! you’re so clever! xx FFG

  8. Thanks, elsiee, and thanks for the tag too – stay tuned!

    Ooh, nice find Deborah-Lee! Might have to keep it in mind for future remixes. BTW, you;re never too old for bows! Huzzah!

    LOL, thanks Suze – I LURVE cardigans, I’ll go check it out!

  9. That looks pretty much exact – gorgeous! Isn’t it annoying when you set your heart on a custom project though, and have to buy stuff specifically for it?!

  10. Romantic Apple, I think you’d be surprised how easy it is – it’s a bit trial and error, but if you can sew buttons, you can sew ribbons!

    Suki’s quite chipper, Kellytubbie, Thanks for asking! She came back from the vet completely stoned, and spent the evening being completely psycho, but a bit more than a week on, and you can barely even see the scar, its amazing!

    FFG, The Portmans version was SO affordable, I wasn’t at all surprised that it sold out in a heartbeat! Don’t feel bad – I’m sure yours is totally more professional looking! Mine just went through the wash the first time, and I think I may have to finish the ribbon ends to stop them fraying!

    mysterycreature, I completely agree. The only more annoying thing is having a really clear idea of what you want, but not being able to find the “ingredients”!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you in white pants! Blows steam up most fashion editors arses who state anyone over a size 6 should not wear them. BRAVO BEAUTIFUL LADY!

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