Hypocrite? Moi?

Top: Giordano
Vest: Barkins
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Poetic Licence
Headband: Mimco
Brooch: Smil
Oh dear. After all my bitching and moaning about how Mimco and American Apparel are fleecing poor consumers with their ridiculous mark-ups I have to admit that I’m a complete hypocrite, and have left the house wearing both a Mimco headband, and an American Apparel skirt. Baaah!
In my defense, since I blogged about the American Apparel skirts, I’ve discovered that the some of the new versions hitting the shelves are made of a much denser jersey and are hemmed. I love the deep red of this skirt, and thought that since the quality seemed to be so much better then maybe, perhaps, I could put aside my prejudices, and well, yes… click go the shears, boys * .
As far as the headband goes, I have no excuse – I was stuck in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, and the Mimco store was 20% off. Heheh – opportunity knocks, right?
Everything else is a few years old, including this adorable brooch from Smil . It’s been through the wash a few times (oops) and it’s kind of looking a little the worse for wear, but I still love it.

4 thoughts on “Hypocrite? Moi?

  1. Ha ha ha ha. Great post.

    I once bought a Mimco bag at the airport too. Mine was only $30 though, and my other handbag snapped right after check in.

    Hypocrite away. 😛

  2. i would almost have to say that is my favourite outfit on you so far! i LOVE the brooch, and the head band is so cute, let us forget the dreaded mimco connection. there is no better colour combination in my opinion than red, black and white. classy but can pack a punch!

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