Top: Katies
Belt: free with dress from Donna Morgan
Skirt: Portmans
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Top: Katies
Remember how I mentioned some time back what a terrible impulse shopper I am? that I’m always duplicating items I already own?
Case. In. Point.

Whilst in Canberra, and completely fed-up with everything I’d packed, my little sister and I hit the new DFO and I fell in love with this gorgeous poppy-print skirt from Yarra Trail. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised it bore more than a passing resemblence to a skirt I’d bought off eBay a week previously.

See, the problem is that I go through phases. At the moment I’m really into poppies – there’s something very ephemeral and blowsy about a full-blown poppy.
Here’s some more yummy poppy items to whet your appetite.

Poppy Print Scarf from Toybreaker
Crown from whichgoose

Dress from Evans

Wristlet from Hondamom

Top from Modest Maven

Earrings from Jewelera

Bracelet from NuadaAccessories

Robe from Bedhead @ Sleepyheads

6 thoughts on “Snap!

  1. That’s so funny.

    I was looking at the photos and wondering how you converted the longer skirt into a shorter one, not realising you had two skirts there.

    I bet you won’t get a third. 😉

  2. I was actually looking at your post thinking “OMG, how clever is that skirt, you wear it upside down and it becomes a baloon skirt!”

    That teaches me to make assumptions before reading.

    Not to worry Lilli, you have two fabo skirts that have two different styles and can be worn to different places. I mean could you wear the balloon skirt to work? Nah…? So the other skirt works out well!!

  3. Well, at least you are consistent in knowing what you like!

    Also, both skirts look great on you.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. LOL, don’t bet on it Chantelle. I was eyeing up a Poppy skirt in Diana Ferrari the other day before I caught myself!

    Mummabee I went through a cherry stage a year or so ago – it’s so easy to find, and oh-so Rockabilly cool, huh?

    Hi Deb – I agree, and that’s the rationale I used when I was trying to explain to Himself about the samesame skirts!

    Thanks Aquamarine!

  5. i think himself has missed some vital points here – the poppies come from the top on one skirt, and from the bottom on the other – integral pieces of information and of course, make both skirts absolutely necessary purchases! loving suki and your little suki snippets…

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