Great Lengths

T-Shirt: Country Road
Skirt: Sussan
Shoes: Zu Shoes

Hi everyone! I’m back home in Melbourne now, and will be updating regularly once again.

Life’s getting back to normal – with the added bonus of Suki, ninja-cat extraordinaire. She’s turned out to be a fastidious little thing, and she’s sitting primly on my shoulder watching as I write this entry. Last night I discovered that she loves to scale great heights, and woe betide if you’re not in trousers, because when she shimmies up your bare leg…. ow!

As you can see, I haven’t learn my lesson, and today I’m wearing my denim skirt – it was one of the items I sorely missed during my weeks of spartan suitcase living, and I fell upon it like a starving monkey as soon as the mercury tiptoed towards 20 degrees (oh Melbourne summer, where art thou?).

I’ve teamed it with one of my favourite new t-shirts from Country Road, who, I’ve discovered, do a great range of long length t-shirts that aren’t skin-tight.

I’m not sure if the struggle to find fitted t-shirts that sit below the waistband is specific to the top-heavy, or whether it’s deliberate attempt by clothes manufacturers to inch ever closer to the re-emergence of the crop top (oh God, please no!) but it irks me no end.
Target do a decent range of lenth-length singlets which are great for layering, but I still have trouble with their t-shirts riding high around the waist. I’ve even thought about investing in a Haramaki (there’s a couple of nice ones on Etsy) or endeavouring to sew one myself.

Oh, now, by popular demand, here’s a couple more pictures of Suki-Su, asleep, because otherwise she’s usually thundering around the room at the speed of sound, and it’s not so condusive to photography.

7 thoughts on “Great Lengths

  1. T-shirt length is a curse for everyone, I suspect. I’ve found some great long tanks for layering which is just brilliant, except that it is summer (or so I am told) and you don’t really want to layer on 30+ days (assuming they exist). My favourite things at the moment for such dilemmas are those ridiculously short frocks which I would never wear as an actual dress, but make a smashing non-belly-showing top.

  2. I have resorted to wearing long camisoles under my t-shirts almost every day. It’s pretty annoying but I’m not sure what else to do.

  3. You know I have the opposite problem in that all the tops I find that fit seem to be acres long and I prefer them to sit just on my hip-bone.

    But your tshirt looks really nice on you. It’s just my build.

    How cute is your kitty though?!!

  4. I hate tops that don’t cover my abdomen…too short or too long always ends up being the issue…I find the sara v neck tshirt is a good length for me (until they do some weirdo stretch widthwise, but get shorter-damn I hate that!)

    Suki is sooooo cute, we’ve always had burmese and they are soooo mischevious, I can’t tell you how many times Katchin ended up being dragged off our roof…and there was the time we thought we’d lost him only to find him a short while later in the fridge shivering while hoeing into a chicken we had in there!! We are fanatical animal people, we still to this day have no idea how he got in there! hehe

    Ok, back on clothes…eventually!

  5. At the risk of being phenomenally vague, I saw a place on the corner of Canterbury & Union rds in Surrey Hills that designs t-shirts to fit. It had a few fuddy-duddy t-shirts in the window, but it could be okay inside…?

  6. Hi! As someone with a looong torso and stumpy legs I can’t live without singlets – Kmart do a really good spaghetti strap singlet every year just before summer. I wear mine to pieces. It’s v stretchy and v long. I get into a 14 but I’m usually a 16.

    Now I would have emailed you if I could find your contact but I have to recommend this thing called a shape renewal. It’s honestly fab for keeping the ladies high and the waist defined. Enough rambling, I’m not selling them I just thought you’d be interested. I’m just forever looking for shapewear so when I found some good stuff I want to tell everyone.

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