14 thoughts on “Presenting…. Suki

  1. How very cute. I hope the three of you will be very happy. it’s funny but for some reason I assumed your fur-baby would be a dog.

  2. I’m with DH. I thought you were getting a dog too!

    Suki is a cute name. I used to have a penfriend with that name a long time ago. You made me suddenly miss her.

    What a cute kitty. We want more pics.

  3. Awwwwww sooo sooo cute…the kitten’s not bad either! hehehe

    Is she a burmese? tres cute, we definitely want more furry family fotos!

  4. oh my god, what a sweetheart. i love her. but i love most furry kids so that isn’t much of a surprise really.

  5. That is exactly the sound Chris made when he peered over my shoulder at the picture. That is one adorable kitty.

    Does this mean you’re back in the ‘hood again?

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