Capsule Wardrobe

Top: Katies
Skirt: Portmans
Shoes: Filippo Raphael
I used to be fantastic at packing a capsule wardrobe for a holiday. I could go away, and carry a bag smaller than my girlfriend’s make-up bag.
I’m not sure quite when I lost the skill for putting together two week’s worth of outfits from a pair of jeans, some sandals and a couple of t-shirts, but lost it I have.
It’s even harder when I come home to Canberra, because a) I’m trying to impress my ultra-fashionable friends with my outstanding sense of style (hah!); b) the weather’s never exactly what you think it will be; and c) the plus-size shopping in Canberra is…. limited, to say the least.
This year I made a concerted effort to pack sensibly: Two pairs of jeans (wide, and straight), two cardigans (black and red), a couple of plain t-shirts (white, black, red) and a couple of patterned ones (striped, Grug). Plus a couple of “nice” pieces, like my rose-skirt, my red silk Christmas skirt, and – because I’ve decided I love it, even though I would get more wear out of a denim skirt – my denim dress. Plus some belts and scarves and whatnot to “inject some personality”.
And that’s it.
It’s very restrained, and limited, and I’ve been away from home less than a week and I’m already desperate for different clothes.
I may have to hit Canberra’s new DFO with my sister this week before I expire of wardrobe-boredom.

9 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe

  1. I have so few clothes, my entire wardrobe would probably classify as “capsule”

    I do find though that a black dress in a jersey material is a must, looks casual with havs and hoop earrings and dresses up well with heels and pearls.

    Oh and of course a wrap dress or two, that roll up, need no ironing and can look like a skirt with the addition of a tshirt or top.

  2. You are very restrained! I would take that much away for a weekend, because I am so indecisive I wouldn’t want to leave anything behind, guaranteed that would be the one thing I need to make the outfit work! LOL

  3. Holy crap you’re from Canberra! So am I, I’m down from Sydney visiting the parents. I noticed DJ’s in Civic has a bunch of interesting stuff on sale if you want to spend up bigger than DFO.

  4. I feel your pain. Perhaps it’s Canberra though. I tried packing my capsual wardrobe when I was there to visit my Mum in hospital.

    I was so bored of my clothes and just felt so unkempt. I over packed for the Christmas break and I’m just home now with half a suitcase of unworn clothes. So much better!!

  5. Yep, Canberra girl born-and-bred. I left for Melbourne about 5 years ago, but both of my families, and Himself’s are here, so we always make the Long Drive North for Christmas.
    I actually quite like Canberra, all things considered. It’s a happy blend between city and country, and there’s plenty of things to see and do… the shopping’s probably fantastic if you’re a local (a bit like Melbourne, actually) but I’ve been away for so long that all my favourite haunts are GORN, and I need some gals-in-the-know to show me the new places

  6. oh my god, can we take a moment to talk about how excited i am about the arrival of fur-kid number 1! this is such great news. congratulations.
    as always, looking hot, despite the minimal capsule wardrobe. i’m off to japan for three weeks in march, i am already dreading packing…eeek! i’m thinking LOTS of great accessories from GeorgieLove and a few pairs of jeans and plain tops.

  7. For my overnight stay at Chris’s dad’s place on NYE, I packed a t-shirt, two singlets, a jumper, and a dress. And was away less than 20 hours and only about thirty kilometres away. Anyone who can cope in the least is a hero to me.

    (Also: I am a sheep, or a copycat, or some kind of animal, and have joined Blogger.)

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