Merry Christmas, All!

T-shirt: Country Road
Skirt: Carolyn Taylor
Shoes: Filippo Raphael
I know, I know – I’m a few days late! Hopefully you’re all still on holidays, and enjoying a well-earned break. Or maybe you’ve hit the post-Christmas sales, and are pawing through your loot (you lucky things!).
I’m currently sequestered at Casa Del Parents, letting my Mum take wonderful care of me, and Mr Lillipilli and I are expecting our first family addition (don’t get too excited, it’s a fur-kid!) in the first week of 2009, then it’s back home to Melbourne and The Real World.
Thankyou to everyone who put their suggestions and recommendations forward for my Christmas outfit – I think I actually beat the odds this year, and managed a few passable photos (hurrah!)
Here’s my gorgeous Mum and myself, with our makeshift bindies (prised off the Christmas Crackers)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I look forward to hearing about all your special treats!

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, All!

  1. Well, if your mum took that photo she done good. And the one of the two of you is very sweet. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  2. That outfit is just gorgeous – I love the belt/sash thing (I’m sure it has a special name, but I can’t think just now….) – the photo of your mum and you together is very sweet too!

  3. Thanks Sarah-Jo! I’m afraid you’ll be sadly disappointed in my New Year’s outfit. Himself and I are planning a quiet-night-in. Just he and I, a DVD or two and a bowl of popcorn, lol!

    Christmas was wonderful, thanks D_H. I can’t wait to introduce you to the new fur-kid. Now we just have to agree on a name!

    Marianne, I must admit that my little sister took the photo that I ended up putting on the blog! The outift’s good, but not THAT good, lol! Actually I haven’t seen any of my Mum’s photos yet.

    Thanks, Mummabee. The sash is, theoretically, an Obi. Traditionally you wear them high up under your shelf, but that always makes me look five kinds of truly awful, so if possible I wear them low-slung around my hips instead!

  4. Woo hoo. I voted for that outfit and you look fabbo in it!

    Glad you got a photo that wasn’t hideous. I managed to delete a few from people’s cameras before they surfaced. There’s nothing worse then when people have candid pics of your chins squashed into your chest while you’re looking at something silly (Blah!)

    That’s a wonderful pic of you and your mum. And congrats on the fur-kid. Do you have a name yet?

    (How about Obi? hee hee)

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