We Wish You a Merry Christmas (and a non-cringeworthy photo)

My Mum has a super power.
She can’t fly, doesn’t have super strength and isn’t faster than a speeding bullet. She can sniff out cat pee on carpet at a hundred paces, but I think that’s less of a super power, and more of a carefully honed talent.
No, what my Mum can do is take photos that almost invariably make anyone standing in front of the lens look really, truly hideous. (Sorry, Mum – I know my sister’s on your back about this too, and God knows I love the family album and the fact that you chronicle everything, I really do, but honestly!)
Last year I wore a fetching green Diana Ferrari dress – It was shiny, and had a scoop-neck and did up at the back with a bow.
You’ve never seen it.
Nor will you.
One Christmas, and one look at the Christmas photos and I retired that dress on the spot.
This year I thought I’d give myself a sporting chance, and put together a selection of outfits that I know look good on film, but I’m having a bit of difficulty narrowing the choice down to one.
So I thought I’d put another poll together, and let you choose for me!
Opinions and recommendations are embraced: Don’t like the top I’ve chosen? Suggest another! Haven’t included your favourite dress? Let me know! Obviously disregard my lack of makeup and proper accessories
A) Suzi Chin Dress

B) Lily Dress & Portmans Cardigan

C) Carolyn Taylor Skirt, Yoshi Jones Obi & Country Road Tee

D) DIY Ikea Skirt, Country Road Top & Sussan Cardigan

E) DIY One Shoulder Dress

F) Portmans Skirt, Top from Markets & Belt From Markets

30 thoughts on “We Wish You a Merry Christmas (and a non-cringeworthy photo)

  1. I agree anything you wear you will wear with style!

    BUT my vote goes to OTHER

    I really am in love with the monsoon fully-lined red silk sheath dress
    I think its the perfect dress and just what I myself am looking for (for NYE) but anyway I digress
    my vote is for the red silk!

  2. My vote is for F or C (in that order of preference). Oh and I know your pain at having family members take truly horrendous pictures of you- hopefully this year someone else can take the family happy snaps instead of your lovely mum

  3. Sarah-Jo, you know that dress was definitely at the forefront, but I tried it on when I was putting these outfits together, and post-winter it’s pretty tight, lol! It’s… wearable… but I wouldn’t want to overindulge in it. I thought I’d give it a miss this year 🙁

    Danyelle: Oh yeah, that’s the needs-to-be-washed-oh-god-gusty-wind-oh-well-it-can’t-look-any-worse-than-if-my-mum-was-taking-the-photo hairstyle. Takes hoooouuuuurs to perfect! 😉

    Anonymus: Was that the floral skirt with the white tee-shirt, or the tiered skirt with the black drape-neck singlet?

  4. I vote C.. but it's a hard choice. You look fantastic in everything.

    I love your IKEA skirt every time I see it.

    I'm going to wear a dress as fabulously bright & cheerful as B so I'm wanting to vote for that too. Thing is it's meant to be 34* on Christmas day I think I'll be after the coolest thing I can find and nothing requiring a cardi.

  5. Isn’t it going to be a bit warm? If so, I vote for the last one (postmans skirt). It looks the coolest of the lot.

    Though I love the white top/red skirt combo – really Xmassy. 🙂

  6. i vote C – that outfit is gorgeous!! i LOVE the skirt, and the belt finishes the whole ensemble perfectly. B is coming a close second, it’s more your casual xmas affair, so i guess if yours is a bit of a swanky soiree, go C, otherwise go B for a bit of fun. also, B is a dress which means there is always room for another serving of dessert, skirts can be limiting. okay, i’m rambling now, C is definitely my vote…or B! 😀

  7. Anonymus: Was that the floral skirt with the white tee-shirt, or the tiered skirt with the black drape-neck singlet?

    It was the C skirt with the black drape neck singlet. Although if you can put a pic up of what it looks like teemed together.

  8. F or C, F or C!!! But it depends on how posh your Christmases are really, because the suzy chin or that little one shoulder number would be nice for a posh one! But F and C look classy but comfy-which is my priority for Christmas…does the Obi extend out? That’d be handy to fit in the extra slice of chrissy pud! hehehe

    Whatever you wear, have a gorgeously fabulous Christmas! xox

  9. I love C and F as well. Red looks gorgeous on you, and you look lovely with the white tshirt on in C.
    have a lovely christmas.

  10. They’re all gorgeous on you but for a classy but not too dressy christmas Day look, I love the black top from F and the skirt from C. Fabulous! On another note can you tell me what sizes Diana Ferrari goes up to (in clothing)?

  11. Definitely loving C first, then F. E looks great on you, but a little formal and not as Christmassy. On B, I’m not crazy about the colour of the cardigan with that dress, but it could just be my computer. I agree with the others, you’ll look gorgeous no matter what! (But good luck with your mum’s photos…)

  12. F – it would be harder to muck up a picture with that outfit. I like C too, but that would be easy to photograph badly.


  13. C – it’s so festive and a bit luxe with that lovely skirt fabric.

    I adore your two dresses (the chin and the one-shoulder) but can you sit on the floor surrounded by dog-chewed giftwrap opening presents in them comfortably? (Or is it just me who does that?)

    love the blog by the way (haven’t commented before but it inspires me to wear more red).

  14. The C’s have it! Thanks so much for everyone’s advice – the outfit was perfect for the day… the photo’s remain to be seen!
    Sorry for my absence – I’m currently sequestered in the ‘rents home, and am pretty much sans-internet for the moment! I shall endeavor to post a new entry some time over the next few days. I may even have Christmas photo’s by then!

  15. oh you are beautiful.
    The first dress is pretty, I saw almoste the same dress in a french store (genereuse).
    My favorite is the last dress.

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