This Time I Mean Business

Shirt: Events
Skirt (with attached belt): Portmans
Today’s the first day of my summer holidays (hurrah!)
I think I’ve mentioned in the past that the work that I do is very flexible, wardrobe-wise. Usually I’m in something portable and comfortable, but every so often I feel the need to look professional.
I found this skirt today, at Portmans, and thinking of the success I’ve had with their flirty and full summer dresses, decided to give the va-va-voom pencil skirt a whirl, and whoah, mama!
This is a skirt that makes me happy to have curves.
Of course, I probably won’t wear it until I get back to work at the beginning of February (I know I’m a bitch, but I haven’t had holidays all year so I’m getting it all now) and even then I’ll wear it sparingly, but one glance at the back, and I was sold:

Ruffles! Ruffles on a pencil skirt! It’s like a classy mullet: Business at the front, party at the back!

10 thoughts on “This Time I Mean Business

  1. I was going to say the same thing
    You give J.Lo a run for her money!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt and you are so right the ruffles sell it
    now to find a portmans near me…sheesh I havent shopped their since B.C. (before children):)

  2. LOL, thanks girls! I think J-Lo’s pretty safe in the best-ass stakes, but it’s nice to know that my asian flattbutt can hold it’s own in a va-va-voom skirt!

  3. Great skirt! Looks good on you! And … darling you so do not have a flat butt. I think the pic you have posted proves that!

  4. DAMN!
    Just came from portmans and they only have a black one they arent making the dot ones for sydney stores anymore apparently they had them ages ago
    the black looks so boring compared to the dot so I didnt buy it

    I love the ruffles though so may have to find an alternate skirt

  5. Slightly off-topic question: Do you know which Australian stores you shop at ship to the U.S.? I’ve been disappointed and bored with what we have in the U.S., so I’ve been doing a bit of shopping at Dorothy Perkins and Evans (for the great wide-width shoes).

  6. Oh, what a shame, Sarah-Jo! I didn’t even SEE the black – they had the dotted version in amongst the sale items: maybe try some of the clearance shops?

    Stacy, I think most of the shops that have online sales (like,, etc) have international shipping. Unfortunately Australia’s waaaay behind on the online sales stakes at the moment, so not many websites offer anything beyond a glance at what’s available instore. For what it’s worth that’s slowly changing, but at the moment we’re a bit limited. The good news is that the push towards shopping for fashion online seems to be driven by the plus-size manufacturers. A few other ranges you can try include: (watch out for this one – not everything goes up to the curvier sizes)

    If you see something that you absolutely MUST HAVE from someone unenlightened enough to NOT offer International shipping, feel free to send me a message – I’m more than happy to act as a go-between.

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