T-Shirt: Giordano
Top: Sussan
Top: Grace Hill @ Ezibuy
Shoes: Naturalizer
Argh! I’ve had such a bad day today, I’m actually feeling a little shell-shocked (nothing serious, folks – just work issues compounding themselves with some I.T. related failure, and the incompetence of others)

As you can tell from my photo I was feeling much more chipper this morning. Right now I have this face on:

The one piece of good news I got today was the safe (albeit early) birth of the first baby in my circle of friends. Welcome to the world, little ‘un!

8 thoughts on “Gah!

  1. oh lil, i’m so sorry you have had a crap day. i had that day yesterday, it must be going around melbourne. i was feeling VERY sorry for myself. if it offers you any smiles at all, you look great today! sometimes the simplest of outfits just…works.

  2. Boo. 🙁

    Just remember…only ten days until there are hot cross buns in the supermarket.

    Also, you list two tops and a t-shirt, so is that awesome outfit a two-top merger?

  3. Hi:)
    Just found your blog and have to say you ROCK!

    so many outfits I need to comment on but no where near enough time so I will just say thankyou for the Boots for broads link you are an angel for all the ladies in the chunky calf league!

    off to wrangle some kiddies but will be back for sure, your blog is a wonderful delight…. 🙂

  4. Hi lilli,
    I have been enjoying your blog and tune in each day to see your lovely outfits. I actually have that same top from sussans although havent worn mine yet. I am currently on the hunt for some nice longish (but not too long) singlet tops in an array of colours but definitely need red, black and white and was hoping you could recommend a good shop or online retailer. TIA

  5. Thanks Bec & Chantelle! I was feeling so uninspired that I almost didn't post the outfit, but I agree with Bec that sometimes the simplest outfits work best.

    Lol, good spotting Fiona! It's a rare leg-sleeved top. Like trousers, but, not.

    Sarah-Jo, I'm so glad you found me! The ladies at Boots For Broads are wonderful, and I'm still majorly obsessed with my red boots!

    Anon: Alas, my Nazi of a building manager does not allow pets, so I live vicariously through everyone else. Lucky you to have a little black pug – they're soooo cute!

    sandramm1 – yay! I love regular readers! The top's great, isn't it. Very multi-seasonal. Have your tried Giordano and/or Country Road for extra-length singlets? I've found both are pretty good for layering. Last night I went to some markets and mooch 'n around ( and they had some FANTASTIC long singlets!

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