Cuddle Up

Dress: Pure Collection Cashmere (
Boots: Boots for Broads (
Yay! It was cold enough to don my new cashmere sweater dress today, even cold enough (in the first half of the day, anyway) to wear it with my red boots.
It’s lovely and soft, and the 18 fits perfectly – maybe with a little room to spare. The brown could potentially be a bit drab by itself, but teamed with statement accessories it’s just subdued enough.
It’s very versatile too: later in the day I had to swap the boots for my favourite t-bar shoes. I rarely wear them because I haven’t really anything else brown in the wardrobe (woohoo, another win!).

Dress: Pure Collection Cashmere (
Belt: Cynch Belts (
Shoes: Leghorn Rouge

8 thoughts on “Cuddle Up

  1. oh how wonderful it is that you have been able to wear your delicious cashmere dress before next year!! now roll on summer, we miss you! the boots look HOT, HOT, HOT! and so do you! love those t-bar shoes, they are to die for!

  2. Thanks Chantelle!

    Hi Bec – The shoes were a total impulse buy – I saw them in the window of Leghorn Rouge (I always think Foghorn Leghorn) and literally screeched to a halt, went in and bought them without a moment’s thought about whether they would go with anything in my wardrobe (they didn’t) and whether they MIGHT actually be a bit too tall for all-day comfort (they are). But they’re sooooo beautiful!

    Hey mummabee, welcome! Aren’t the boots the best? I been wearing the hell out of them, and it’s SUMMER! (sorta!) I have to agree with Bec though: we’re ready for the warmer weather now, thanks!

    Lol, thanks Who are you Weesha! We can be jealous together (I pine for your purple dress)

  3. That’s fantastic Lilli, you’ve really managed to create two unique styles with your dress.. and both of them as wonderful as the other.

    I have to admit though, the second of the two is my favourite. I just love the shoes!!

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