Feeling hot, hot, hot

Cardigan: Portmans
Dress: Lily (remixed) from Nordstrom
Phoo-ey! It was a HOT one today, with Melbourne’s mercury finally skyrocketing into summer. It was a good day to finally don the dress that I bought from Nordstrom, oh, all those months ago.
I’m still not convinced that bringing the hem up, and adding straps was the right decision to make, but I have to admit that it was beautifully cool and breezy – especially after I shed the cardi (about 2 seconds after I left the shadow of the behemoth that towers over my inner-city courtyard)
Wow, it’s a BRIGHT dress though! Not at all Melbournesque, as evidenced by the comments of “what a colourful/summery/cheerful dress you’re wearing”.
It’s finally summer, folks! Embrace it!

5 thoughts on “Feeling hot, hot, hot

  1. I love the length of the dress. You can always remove the straps if you decide you hate them that much. Perhaps you could have button holes put in the straps and buttons on the inside of the dress so that you have options of straps or not?

    I always love that dress so I’m glad to see it again.

    Oh .. and when are we going to have another Remix Monday? I love your creative/original pieces

  2. hehehehehe, as an ex-pat Melbournite living in Bondi, I am guilty of carrying the classic black Melbournesque style up here. My main man won’t let me buy anything black if we happen to be shopping together! That’s not very Germaine Greer is it-he doesn’t “not let me”, he just “strongly encourages” me to bring a bit of colour into my world! hehe I actually only own 1 frock…I really need more….but need luvees first! hehe

    I love that frock and I like Deborah-lee’s idea about the detatchable straps, that’d be clever!

  3. Thanks, girls! That’s a great idea, Deborah-lee… I’ll have to make a leetle trip to lincraft and see when I can do about getting some suitable fastenings. And while I’m there I’ll have a look around for some new Remix ideas!
    kellytubbie – lucky you, having a Himself who actually notices your fashion style! Mr Lillipilli has one favourite dress (my new Maxi dress) and apart from that I’m not sure he’d notice if I was wearing a paper bag, lol!

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