Bravo, Bravissimo (Part 1)

Singlet: Bravissimo
Slippers: Peter Alexander
Ah bliss…
I’m still on holidays, and have spent the last couple of days primarily in my sleepwear. There’s something wonderfully decadent about still being in your PJ’s at four in the afternoon, isn’t there?
I promised myself that tomorrow, tomorrow I’d stop being such a lazy git, and actually get up, get dressed and leave the house.
However, what I received in the mail today may have delayed my return to the outside world…
It’s my Bravissimo order!
I mentioned Bravissimo in passing a month or so ago, namely their “supportive sleepwear”, and my desperate desire for a nightie that would keep my bosoms aloft (you may recall I bought myself a HotMilk nightie at the time).
Well, post-Christmas, Bravissimo released a couple of very nice looking dresses, and I thought; as long as I was treating myself to an order…
I’m indebted to Miss Kitty-Cat at the Vogue Forums for bringing Bravissimo to my attention. It’s such an innovative idea: clothes fit not just by dress size, but by cup size, too! It does away with the problems that most women have with what my little sister has rather wonderfully dubbed “boob pockets”.
And I must say – as cute as my HotMilk nightie is, the Bravissimo PJ top works so much better. And it’s on sale at the moment, so if you were deliberating… do it!

4 thoughts on “Bravo, Bravissimo (Part 1)

  1. must say lil, LOVE that bed hair! and the pj top is fantasic! i think you might even be able to pull it off with a cardy, it is just that darn cute!

  2. I LOVE Bravissimo. It’s the only place to find pretty looking bras in a 34/36J or JJ (my size). I have that same PJ top and love it. If you think those are nice though, you should try out their “strappy tops”. I don’t know how many they’ve got being it’s not their summer but they seem to have some good sales going on now.

    Like Bec mentioned, you could actually wear that as a regular top.

  3. I have just looked at this range and the sleepwear looks really good! I also think that chubsters are ripped off by claims about the miracles of jersey wrap dresses. In fact the only wrap dress I have worn that looks good and doesn’t show anything underneath was the Jane Lamerton brand from MYER and it is thick and stretchy and I have worn it for years now…
    Anyway I wanted to ask how well the bravissimo measurement instructions match the actual garment size? Are you happy?
    Still loving your blog! Sooo helpful!

  4. Hi C, yeah I’m still trying to find the PERFECT wrap jersey dress. Surely thick jersey isn’t THAT much to ask for??
    The measurements for Bravissimo were really good, actually. I got the size my measurements suggested, and it fits really well!
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog, too!

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