Minnie The Moocher

Cardigan: Big W www.bigw.com.au
T-shirt: Giordano www.giordano.com.au
Skirt: Evans www.evans.co.uk
Shoes: Rocket Dog www.rocketdog.com
I feel a bit like I’m channelling Minnie Mouse today, but because this Evans skirt was so much more serious than I thought it would be, I really wanted something to team it with something fun. And what’s more fun that red-and-white polkadots?
I’ve never before owned anything from Evans (www.evans.co.uk) as they’ve only recently started shipping to Australia. I actually bought this navy blue bubble skirt off eBay, and expected it to be somewhere closer to my knees than my ankles, but my (extremely rudimentary) sewing skills aren’t quite up to shortening a bubble hem, so it is what it is! I’m quite pleased with the quality, and now that I’ve got my size down pat, I might give a whirl to buying something off the website next time.
I’m also premiering some yummy new earrings from Etsy seller Jewelera www.jewelera.etsy.com
A closer inspection (you can see them in her shop, or on her blog: http://dailydream-dailydoodle.blogspot.com) shows them to be a pair of poppies made from gorgeous vintage beads in my favourite scarlet with oxidised silver stamen. She’s got one or two pairs still available in her shop, but they sell quickly, so if you like the look of them ignore the miserable exchange rate and snap them up pronto, or you’re likely to be disappointed

Earrings: Jewelera @ Etsy www.etsy.com

8 thoughts on “Minnie The Moocher

  1. Adorable cardigan!

    I didn’t realise Evans now posted to Australia (even though all their clothes are over sized and cut in a too chunky way), and I remembered that it’s owned by the same folks that own Dorothy Perkins (my favourite shop, how I miss thee) and so I checked and DP now SHIPS TO AUSTRALIA TOO.


    Pity the Australian dollar is so shit! 🙁

  2. Hee, I have that cardigan in the cream/navy. I feel like it’s too long on me or something. Maybe with pants. Hmm…

  3. Hiya Sally!
    I know, right? I found out about Dorothy Perkins a few months ago, but before I place my first order the Aussie dollar nosedived!
    So much on there I Must Have, the clothes are gorgeous and elegant and wearable – it’s like the curvy-girl’s Cue.
    Still the Aussie dollar seems to be clawing back a few cents here and there, so maybe soon we’ll be able to indulge ourselves!

  4. LOL, I agree, Sonya! I was looking at it in the store going “hmmnnn… I’d have to lop off six inches here, and then sew on a…. oh blast it! It’s fifteen bucks, I’ll just buy the thing”

  5. Wow! Thank you for the wonderful review for the poppy earrings! I’m so happy that you are HAPPY with them, and they look fabulous on you!

    I love your outfit, everything is so cute! 🙂

  6. I lived over in the UK for a few years and I SWEAR TO YOU they make the best jeans and their SHORT jeans are the perfect length for a short-ass like me (that should be short-ass, mostly tomboy who lives in jeans). So even though I have been back in Aus for about 5 or so years, I still bought a ton of DP stuff on ebay – mainly jeans, I have about 8 different pairs, but am SO PLEASED I can go to the source. They have really good sales too – stuff gets quite cheap, which is good for the end of season stuff, which is of course, new season Aus stuff.

    I am putting in my Christmas request list THERE.

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