You’d Better Watch Out…

Oh God! Surely it’s not Christmas-shopping-time already?
Christmas in Melbourne seems to officially start after Cup Day, which is…. Tuesday. So I guess that’s yes. It’s time to start the Christmas shopping.
The one thing I love better than getting presents myself is giving them to other people. It’s such a buzz when you find that perfect something-special, and nothing makes me happier than seeing people open a gift that I know they’re going to love.
Present-giving is a very important part of my family’s Christmas routine: We open them one at a time, with great pomp and circumstance, in front of the whole family. I love this, because there’s nothing worse than spending days hunting for that amazing one-off gift for someone, only to miss the big unveiling.
Of course, I get that the only reason we can do this extended (there’s always at least seven of us, so it always takes hours) present-opening ritual, is because the youngest sibling is twenty-four. Even I don’t expect the average six-year-old to patiently sit quietly while there’s brightly wrapped boxes of goodies with their names on it going to waste!
But I digress. I love giving presents, but I find shopping for them agony. Which is weird, right? I mean; I love presents and I love shopping, ergo I should love shopping for presents. But the pressure of trying to find that amazing, perfect, once-off, didn’t-even-realise-you-wanted-it-until-you-opened-it gift is stressful to the point of giving me a breakdown.
With the Aussie dollar barely clawing back ground after its dramatic nose-dive earlier this year my usual go-to place for special presents – etsy (www.etsy.com) – is probably more or less off the list.
However I still like to support craftspeople, and those amazingly creative local designers whose handmade wonders really do make the best presents of all.
So here’s a couple of Australian alternatives to etsy:
has over 130 independent Australian designers and sell everything from toys and clothing to jewellery, craft supplies and home wares.
The quality of the product can be a bit iffy, and it’s a bit of a marathon to navigate, but if you have the patience to wade through the dross there’s a few treasures to be found:
“Felt Storage Box” – 049design
“Mix & Match Brooch Set” – Shelbyville

“Babushka Cushion Cover” – Sketch

Has slightly more maneuverable search options, and there’s a couple of items that caught my eye, including:
“Purple Robot” – MyLittleOogabooga

“Pink Noodle Salad Flies a Kit Brooch” – The Likkle Girl Who Wuves Pwetty Things

(I should add the totally irrelevant disclaimer here that I find the seller’s name almost annoying enough to discount how cute the brooch is. Almost. Not quite, but almost.)
I think the pick of the bunch though, is the delightful GeorgieLove www.georgielove.com.au which was the first online store specialising in Australian handmade gifts. Sally (or maybe her gorgeous dog, George) handpicks the product that the store stocks, so the quality of the range seems to be heads and shoulders above the others.
“Blue Crane Bangles” – Madz Has Runway
“Boy and Balloon Brooch” – Allira Tee

Of course, this is meant to be a fashion blog, so as a nod to the Frocks and the Frou Frou – what are you planning to wear on Christmas day this year?

Personally, I’m thinking I might have to splurge on this fantastically red sheath dress from Sportscraft www.sportscraft.com.au

Dress: Sportscraft www.sportscraft.com.au

I’ll keep you posted!

9 thoughts on “You’d Better Watch Out…

  1. Lilii I should NOT have clicked on that sportscraft linK! Too many lovely clothes. Couldn’t see a size chart on the site… do you know if they have one. I think I have to visit the Sportscraft factory shop when I next have money.

  2. Hmnn… I can’t see one either. I know they go up to at least an 18, if that helps. The fit’s pretty standard.
    What did you see that caught your eye?

  3. I find that I fit into a lot of the Sportscraft 18’s if the hips are cut looseish (and I’m an 18-20).

    If its a fitted sheath like that, I’d have very little chance. I actually tried on one of the printed versions of that dress, and whilst it fit fine (almost loose on the bust) it was too tight over the hips/arse. So sad! 🙁

    Also, thanks for those etsy-like links, lilli! I have bookmarked them for when I feel like hunting down something interesting.

  4. There were lots on there Lilli, especially the purple dresses (have a thing for purple, maybe it’s my new black).

    Jessica – my hips are usually ok, it’s my G cups that cause me fitting problems. Can easily get things taken in though.

  5. Hi Lilli,

    was just popping over to say thanks for visiting my blog. Though I have to say you are so inspirational. I was going to make a post about you. But since you’ve kinda found me I think I’d better ask if that’s alright first? (Would be a bit like what I wrote about Kasmira).

    Also, I have been trying to find a place with silver framed necklaces (like the one I wear all the time) and found this site in NZ http://www.felt.co.nz thought it might interest you.

    Maybe not your style of scarf.. but I like this idea http://www.felt.co.nz/browse/listing/1744/Neck-tie-with-buckle

  6. No, thank YOU, Sally! I’ve spent many pleasurable hours browsing GeorgieLove, and your blog’s delightful, too!

  7. deborah-lee, I’d be absolutely DELIGHTED to be mentioned on your blog!
    Oh, and I’m in complete lust with that buckle scarf. That site’s great, what a find!

  8. I love GeorgieLove and madeit.. have got some great stuffs .. and love buying aussie.
    Christmas dress thoughts eeeek! I have a wedding in 2 weeks and have NOTHING to wear .. 2 birds with one stone maybe.. but I am so uninspired, if you see anything let me know hehe, maybe I should employ you to be my fashion advisor! I sure need it.

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