The Impulse Buy

Jacket: Sussan www.sussan.com.au
t-shirt: Giordano www.giordano.com.au
Skirt: Basque @ Myer www.myer.com.au
Shoes: Zensu www.zensu.com.au
Today you’re looking at two impulse buys at opposite ends of the impulse buy spectrum.
The first is a hot pink linen jacket that I saw in a shop window as I dashed past en-route (late, as usual) to a business appointment.
I knew I had to have it despite price (reasonably prohibitive for me, at the time) and definitely despite the fact I didn’t need yet another jacket.
In fact I was so terrified that it would be gone by the time I got out of my wretched appointment (nobody knows better than I how quickly the larger sizes sell out) that I ran in, tried it on in the racks then fronted up at the register all watch-checking and fingernail-tapping impatience.
Didn’t regret it, either.
I usually try not to impulse buy. I have a lot of padding in my wardrobe, and it’s easy to forget that I already have three red cardigans when I’m in a shop, and oh bliss, the red cardigan that I saw through the window actually fits!
That said, sometimes it’s difficult to say “no”.
F’rinstance. The second impulse buy that you’re looking at is a Basque tulip skirt that I bought from Myer last week. I have several black skirts already, and the one was actually a size too big, but it was down from $100 to $16. Who’s gonna say no to a nice black skirt for $16?? No-one. Especially not me.
And I don’t regret that either.
What have you impulse bought, lately?

15 thoughts on “The Impulse Buy

  1. Funnily enough lilli, my last impulse buy was the exact same skirt! I love it to death. It’s a lot shorter on me though.

  2. A question if I may?

    How come you always wear flat shoes? I really like the outfits you put up but have often wondered why you are always in flats when a pair of heels would have worked so well!

    Just curious….

  3. Oh I love that Lilli always has flat shoes. She is inspiring for those of us who have the chance to wear flats, and she proves how well they can work.

    Most of the time, online and in catalogues, we see clothing modelled with heels. What a relief to know that the right pair of flats can still look great.

    And if I had my guess, Lilli doesn't need to wear heels for work and carting things around in heels is probably an OH&S issue!

  4. LOL, small world Adrasteia! It’s a wonderfully flattering skirt, huh?

    Hiya, Sarah – What an interesting question! You sent me scuttling to the wardrobe to check, and the ratio of flats to heels is about half-half, so I’m obviously not adverse to BUYING heels, I must just never wear them!
    I think I’m in flats most of the time because of a couple of reasons; I’m ridiculously clumsy, I fall down and trip over EVERYTHING, even in flats! Also, I work on my feet, and walk pretty much everywhere, so I need to be in shoes I can stride in. Finally, my Mum – bless her heart – refused to buy me heels or let me wear them, so I didn’t get my first pair until I was earning my own money and by then I was so used to being comfortable that strapping on a pair of 6 inch heels seemed like a silly idea.
    That said, I LOVE heels! I love the way they make my legs look curvy, not chunky, I have one or two reasonably comfortable pairs, and I’ll wear them when I’m not spending too much of the day on my feet, I think I’m going to try making more of an effort to get acquainted with them though, Stay tuned!!

  5. Lilli do you have an issue writing on Vogue? I’ved made several accounts and still I’m unable to post.. Any suggestions on what to do? And I’m heading into Myer tomorrow to see if I an find that skirt! So cute and it would be great for work..

  6. I bought that skirt too. I think I paid less than you though… maybe.

    I also bought at the same time a great Piper cotton tunic dress with sash, which I promptly cut off from my natural waist, and wear in a more empire-line waist. Its fast becoming a summer staple: its above knee, but has sleeves!

    But impulse buy wise? I played at Sportsgirl recently (lol) and grabbed a couple of reduced down scarves, a pair of sunnies, and some black suede flat sandals.

    All great purchases, I must say!

  7. Hahaha, I am also another who has that skirt. I got it last year for around $40 if I recall correctly. It’s really good for tucking things and wearing with boots and tights.

  8. Guess where I’ll be heading tomorrow night… 🙂

    Love the shade of pink, and loooove jackets in general.

    I should browse Myer to see if I can find some markdown goodness, too.

    Ditto ‘anon’ on the flats – it’s great to see outfits styled the way I would wear them.

    No recent impulse buys of note here. Could be a different story tomorrow. 🙂

  9. Thanks for answering – suppose it does make sense if you are on your feet all day! The converse applies to me – I spend all day at a desk so heels are not an issue. I am even known for moving house in heels!

  10. Hi Lilli, love that skirt. I think a few of us will be on the hunt to find it. Did you get it recently? My impulse buy today where 3 headbands from Mimco, spent way too much but can see myself getting so much wear out of them. Take care and keep blogging. This is definitely my favourite blog. Cheers Angela

  11. Hi Ashalind. The Vogue Forum administrators can take FOREVER to OK your account, which means that your posts could take a while to show up – but if you’re in doubt shoot them off an email. You can always post-by-proxy by PMing a fellow Voguette and asking them to relay your message to the group until you get authorised…

    Hi Jessica – ooh, I must’ve missed that Piper tunic! Must keep an eye out, it sounds adorable.

    I just bought it on Friday Angela – and I was in a Myer earlier today, and they’re down to 90% off marked price (which was $65) which is so ridiculously cheap, I almost bought a second one! But that would just be silly.;-)

  12. I tried on both that skirt and that jacket! But I have far too many tulip shaped skirts and dresses (it’s like a sickness), and I think the jacket was way too expensive for me at the time. By the time I could afford it, it was gone. 🙁

    My latest impulse buy was the dress I bought last week from Barkins. I only planned on buying the two skirts I ‘needed’, but when I saw the dress I had to have it.

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