Ah black. The trusty uniform for Melbournites everywhere.

It’s funny sunnycloudyrainyclearwindystill day that’s requiring an all-purpose outfit, so I’ve surrendered to the impulse to all-black my wardrobe.
Today I’m wearing
skirt: George Gross, an extravagance when I bought it, oh, seven years ago, but it’s never failed me. I would wear it sparingly, then laboriously sponge off any marks, so as to extend its usefullness between dry-cleaning. Recently (last week, ahem!) it accidentally made its way into the general washing load… and came out unscathed. Hurrah!
top: Giordano
shoes: Poetic License
headband: who knows? Portmans maybe?
obi: Yoshi Jones
Who doesn’t love an Obi? I’ve got two from Australian designer Yoshi Jones , this one, and other with two odd little baby faces on it. It’s just the thing for brightening up a severe black outfit, or even for adding a bit of glam to a jeans and white tee look. I like the particularly because they actually fit around my somewhat voluminous hips. I know it’s not strictly the right way to wear an Obi, but I look like a ninny when it’s sitting under my considerable shelf.

2 thoughts on “Obi-have!

  1. Thanks! I love the Obi – not sure how much they were at Yoshi Jones, it was a few years ago, now. I remember thinking they were a bit too expensive, but I'd never seen anything like them available before, so I caved. Try etsy, if you're looking for one – they'll be much less expensive. I was actually thinking I might get another – this time from Loobyloucrafts. Check 'em out here:

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