It’s a Wrap

Who doesn’t love a wrap dress?

It’s in every curvy-girl style guide out there as being the Must Have item in the wardrobe.

The perfect wrap dress hugs curves – even creates them – accentuates assets, hides imperfections, is comfortable, classic and always in style.

I must admit that my hunt for the perfect wrap dress is still ongoing, but in the meanwhile, I have a few almost perfect wrap dresses hanging in the wardrobe.

Today’s comes from Target, and I’ve teamed it with a cheap Miss Shop turtleneck and my Duo Boots ‘cos it’s actually frigging freezing out there!

Dress: Target

Turtleneck: Miss Shop

Boots: Duo Boots

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what a revelation Duo Boots has been to my winter wardrobe. As the less-than-proud owner of two muscular 44cm wide calves trying to find knee-length boots used to be laughable. Duo Boots changed all that. They fit boots not just by foot size, but by calf width too. So those like me who suffer from fatcalf, and those whose toothpick legs wallow in regular boots (beetch!) can both find a perfect knee length boot. The quality’s spectacular, the shipping’s lightning fast, and if you sign up on their website they often offer free international postage, which will save you twenty quid. I’ve got three pairs of knee-high boots now, and a fourth on the way (from Australian bespoke company Boots For Broads, but more about that later)

On the off-chance that you can’t find a boot to suit at Duo there’s plenty of other options out there. Check out the following stores:

Buckles And Bows:

Ayla Boots:

Wide Widths:

Bennetts Boots:

Or you can try for some stretch boots. I have these and they’re easily the most comfortable pair of shoes I own:

5 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. Hi Sarah,
    last season, I’m afraid. Keep your eyes peeled, though. I think polkadots will be big this season, and wrap dresses are always in!

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