To fit, or not to fit

Isn’t it a revelation when you take a chance by buying something – sight unseen, and size unassessed – on the internet, then it arrives, and it’s everything you could have hoped or dreamed for?
I’ve had a few of those moments. Monsoon (http://www.monsoon.co.uk/) is one of those for me. Svoboda (http://www.svobodastyle.com/) is another.
Sadly, Victoria’s Secret (http://www.victoriassecret.com/) doesn’t look like it will be. Which isn’t to say it didn’t have all the ingredients of a Good Buy.
My order arrived promptly, the clothing is of decent quality and it didn’t cost the earth to ship *coughkiyonnacough*, but I found the fit didn’t quite sit right on my frame. Apparently I’m a bit short in the torso, and a bit heavy around the bust for Victoria’s Secret.
I ordered from them in the first place because I wanted a white shirt that didn’t work it’s way out of my waistband when I was wearing a vest, or highwaisted skirts or pinafores.
I bought this one:

and it looks fine, and I wore it today, and it did exactly what I wanted it to – which is to say; it stayed tucked. See?


Vest: Target

Shirt: Victoria’s Secret

Jeans: Svoboda

Shoes: Zu Shoes

And of course you can’t put through an order for just one little shirt, because that would be silly, so I also ordered this gorgeous looking thing:

which doesn’t look nearly as fetching on me as it does on Our Miranda, but I’m thinking I’ll team it with white pants and maybe a red belt if summer does ever arrive. This fit about as well as the white shirt, but with both I had to perform a little surgery to sew the front up. After all, I didn’t want to flash my oh-so not VS approved unbelievabra!

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