Most. Important. Evah!

Actually, on the topic of the looming warmer weather, let me tell you about the most essential item in my summer wardrobe.Is it a frivilous summer dress? A flirty little skirt? a silk camisole?
No, no and no.
The reality is far less glamorous, and it needs to be Our Little Secret.

I think most girls over about a size 8 would agree with me that the number one reason they don’t wear skirts and dresses over summer is, umn,   chafing. 

After all, it’s difficult to swan around in your breezy little summer frocks when under the chiffon skirt your thighs feel like they’re burning up. By the end of the day you find yourself tottering about like John Wayne, walking crablike to avoid putting friction on your tender bits. It’s nasty.

I’ve found the alternatives (and trust me, I’ve tried ’em all) all have their own issues, too.

Creams seem to wear off pretty quickly, though both 3B Cream & Bodyglide are good for the short-term. 

No-one wants to wear stockings or body shapers when it’s nearly 40 degrees outside, and while Kayser did a “comfort short” a year or so ago, it was basically stockings with the legs cut off, and you still got that whishk whishk sound every time you took a step.

So last year I bit the bullet a forked out for  something called a Luvees and may I just say: Best. Purchase. Evah!

I bought the “Panty Coverall” (because the “Thigh Coverall” looked downright weird) and it’s easily the most important item I have in my summer, spring and autumn wardrobe.

See, I’m a skirts girl. I had tantrums as a child when my Mum put me into pants or trousers. It had to be a skirt, and it had to twirl!

So imagine my distress when suddenly – almost out of the blue – about 8 years ago I discovered that I could no longer simply throw a dress on and walk out the door without coming home with red welts between my legs.

Well, those days are back.

To quote the website: Luvees Panty Coveralls’ lightweight, luxurious stretch material feels so good next to your skin you may never wear pantyhose again! Luvees Panty Coverall is not a girdle or shaper, but offers full coverage of body and thigh to alleviate the effects of inner thigh rub on bare legs – even on the hottest of days. Luvees Panty Coverall has a soft cotton crotch, soft inner thigh cotton panel, and a satin outer thigh panel to increase comfort without any of the bulk and without the swishing sound of pantyhose”

I’ve just bought my third pair (in pink, hurrah!) from the supremely gorgeous Marilyn at the “Flip Flop Scrapbook & Fabric Shop” on eBay 
She has the best prices, and it takes slightly more than a week for her to get it to you in Australia (cheap shipping, too) 

The general consensus is that this will be the summer of dresses.

Embrace it!

9 thoughts on “Most. Important. Evah!

  1. Hi Sarah,
    lol! I completely agree! They’re not exactly the sexiest item in the lingerie drawer, but I certainly can’t live without mine!

  2. This is moonlight_blue from vogue btw 🙂
    From the pictures there seem to be two lengths, how do you know which one you are getting?

  3. It seems to be dependent on the colour. The beige and the pink come with the wider band of lace at the waist and on the legs, the white and the black are shorter. I personally find the wider band more comfortable (and not as embarrassing if your skirt flies up – it just looks like a little frill a lace, like a slip would have!)

  4. Oh god, I wore a skirt yesterday without tights and my poor thighs. And I was only out walking around for like, 15 mins max. Summer is not going to be pretty.

    I did a post on the dreaded chub rub a couple of years ago, still not finding a more permanent solution to the problem! These look good! Especially the cotton crotch, ‘coz let’s face it – nylon or lace or silk even in summer is probably prime breeding grounds for … er … nasties.

    – Sonya
    (No More Mumus)

  5. Hi Teabag – Size-wise I’d say M=16, L=18 and so on. The shorter version have much more stretch than the longer. I personally find the longer more comfortable (the short ones kind of rode up on me, but then I got them in a much too big size)

  6. Oh I am so glad I am not the only one with this problem!

    Yay good find lillipili! Yes I know I'm like 2 years late with finding this post, but best advice i've had all day!

    I've just discovered your blog and just love it, so treating myself with going back through your archives.


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