Why, Miss Scarlet. Is that an eyeball on your bracelet?

As much as I’m a winter person (after all, isn’t it easier to get warm when it’s cold out, than cold when it’s hot?) I must admit I’m enjoying the promise of spring in the air. Apart from anything else it means I can get my flirty summer frocks out of cold storage and (gratefully!) peel off the stockings in lieu of my own pasty white shins.
Today I’m wearing a cashmere-blend sweater dress that I bought online from the Sierra Trading Post http://www.sierratradingpost.com/
Well worth a looksee, Sierra Trading seems to sell out-of-season goodies from all about at heavily discounted prices. Good for us Antipodeans, as we’re constantly out-of-season with everyone else. I must admit though, I’ve placed just one order with them and they are determinedly trying to woo me back, with vouchers and special discount offers arriving in my email at least weekly.

Today I’m wearing:
Donna Morgan Cashmere blend sweater dress, with puffed sleeves and cowl neck
Cropped red cardigan from Crossroads
Diana Ferrari shoes
Charm bracelet from etsy
Ah yes. It’s just not a Lillipilli outfit without some eccentric piece of silliness. Usually from etsy.
This rather odd charm bracelet was made for me by the jeweller behind etcetrixhttp://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5087258
She puts together fabulously quirky pieces of jewellery out of found materials, and this is a custom-made charm bracelet about, well, me. She asks you to send her a random musing about yourself, and she puts together bits and bobs that she thinks reflects who you are. 
Staring from the top:
Locket with a picture of a girl reading (for my love of books)
Coral rose on green felt (A memory of my grandparent’s amazing rose garden)
Jade disc (acknowledging my Chinese heritage)
Earring (for my obsession with Frou Frou)
Compass (For my sense of direction)
Crown (as in, Prince Charming. I’m a terrible romantic)
Eyeball (Because… Well, because who wouldn’t want a bracelet with an eyeball on it?)

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