Don’t Be Koi

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Top: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Dream Diva

Shoes: Wittner

Belt: Glassons

Well, the midi-length 3/4 circle skirt is officially my new favourite style.

After so much success with the Asos “fit and flare” skirt, and my own DIY’d version of the same I’ve been on the lookout for similar pieces.

I spotted this one in the window at Dream Diva as I was driving past some months ago but wrote it off because colour was so bright, and the fabric so thin.

Of course, come summer I started looking for bright colours and thin fabrics, and as I hadn’t had any further luck tracking down more “fit and flare” midi skirts I thought I’d go back to Dream Diva and see if they still had the skirt in my size.

Fortunately they did, and it was half price at a whopping $29.95.

In person the thin fabric doesn’t seem like such a big deal. I won’t be wearing lacy panties underneath it any time soon, but I haven’t found that the fabric was staticky or clingy at all. It just drapes and flows and flutters pleasingly around the legs (and less pleasingly around the shoulders when caught in a freak windstorm.) Most importantly it doesn’t seem to crush badly.

I feel like the skirt is too long and needs a few inches taken from the hem to really harness its flirty, summery potential,Β but it goes nicely with my Dorothy PerkinsΒ koi/goldfish top.

And, if the orange is just a bitΒ too much Dream Diva is now doing it in black, though it’s still full price.

If you’re wanting something a bit heavier Asos is re-visiting the original in a weighty Ponte fabric. It’s the exact same fit as the cotton drill version I originally bought, though the fabric doesn’t have quite the same stiffness, and doesn’t sit out quite as satisfactorily. The jersey does mean it’s doesn’t crush at all though, and it comes in a broad range of colours. And also a graphic check print that I’m trying really REALLY hard not to succumb to.

33 thoughts on “Don’t Be Koi

  1. Love how you have so effortlessly styled this colour. I agree, get it taken up and it will be a lot better. Its swamping you at the moment!

    1. That’s what I thought. It’s a bold skirt, and on my short frame overwhelms the rest of the outfit. A friend of mine who’s 6 foot something tried it on yesterday, and it looked much better on her proportions.

      1. No way! I love it the way it is! And that top is great too.
        I love your style <3.
        Just found your blog through Daily Life… or was it through Beauty Redefined? Anyway, I'm glad I did. πŸ™‚

  2. Do you mind sharing what size you got? I’ve been wanting this skirt for a couple of weeks but wasn’t sure what size to go with!

  3. Don’t trim it!! It looks very elegant that long and gives a nice classy contrast to the playful motive of the kois and goldfish! Not many people can wear long skirts but you absolutely can! It might have something to do with your teint and hair colour, as I said: classy!! (And the bright colour of the skirt does compliment your dark hair so well!)

  4. Tres elegant and sophisticated. The orange is a gorgeous bright happy color and looks stunning with the top and the high waist- you just look so beautifully elegant and lovely! The top is super cute! Eeek to skirts/dresses that rise in the wind and end up where they shouldnt showing what they shouldnt!!!

  5. Gorgeous!! I love it.
    The top is beautiful.
    As for the skirt for sale……buy it! I’m terrible and encourage anyone to buy clothes I think would look great on them. You only live once!

  6. Lovely, lovely colours, the skirt looks beautiful with the top. I love circle skirts and this one is so nice being fitted at the top. Very hard to find this type of skirt. It will look great slightly higher too.
    Gosh so jealous you’ve got the summer going on, I would love to be wearing swishy, summer skirts right now!

  7. This top was also available at Best and Less a few weeks ago. You might still be able to catch it on sale at some outlets.

  8. Hey I just found your blog and I’m in love. You are so beautiful! And I love your style. Midi skirts are my favorite and this one is such a fun color. It goes perfectly with your pretty top! And that outfit below is just darling! I absolutely love that dress! Plus, your header is shoes, which I’m obsessed with. We could be good friends πŸ™‚

  9. Fantastic outfit! I would wear this in a heartbeat. In fact, I tried to “steal” this outfit from you but Dorothy Perkins doesn’t appear to be selling the koi shirt anymore, alas πŸ™‚

    Do what you want with the skirt length. Whatever makes you happy. You look gorgeous.

  10. Oh Wow, I love, love that top and it looks amazing with the skirt. I searched the DP site to try to find it but it is not there. I want that top so much! It is so vivid in color and the design is perfection.

    This outfit looks Amazing on you.

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