Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Cardigan: Eugenie Cashmere

Skirt (remixed): Gorman

Tights: mesop

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Brooch: CatRabbit

I broke my practically brand-new, hard-earned and carefully remodelled Gorman dress/skirt! Woe!

Well, no. Sort of.

At some part when I took this dress apart and put it back together as a skirt I lost the care instructions. When the time came I decided to wash the skirt in cool water rather than risk a chemical dry-clean. Mistake! The dark blue in the bottom of the skirt ran almost immediately, dyeing the previously golden flags a vaguely chartreuse colour. Plus the copper of the skirt doesn’t seem quite as rich D-:

The Sophisticate swears it’s not noticeable, and he tried manfully to make me feel better by telling me he prefers it how it is now.

I’m still furious with myself.

33 thoughts on “Woe-shing

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s still totally cute. And plus you now have a brand new skirt that’s different than the dress! Still, I know what you mean about being bummed out. I’ve had things get messed up in the wash and even though it’s not that bad, I can’t stop fussing over it.

    1. LOL, thanks Casey. I’ll give that colour run stuff a whirl, and if it works, great. If it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world, I’m perfectly happy to wear the skirt as it is!

  2. Would a colour catcher fix it? Or trying to wash the yellow bits alone by dipping them?
    It still looks nice from here, but I know how it feels to have accidentally broken something you love 🙁

  3. These things happen! It still looks amazing and until you told me I couldn’t see the difference.

    I managed to dye all my whites blue due to a stray cloth in the wash…so now I have blue pants instead of white – matches my eyes 😉

    1. Thanks Claire! Good to know I’m not the only one who does that occasionally. For me it’s usually one half of a pair of socks. So one ends up a completely different colour than the other!

  4. It still looks gorgeous! But I understand your frustration- I get rather peeved with myself when I do something like that cos its my own fault! It actuallu makes your skirt even more unique…
    Theres a sale gorman store at the end of bridge road richmond that seemed to have some pretty good prices..didnt see that dress though!

  5. I stained a much loved 50s cotton wiggle dress by hanging it too close to a red woolen jumper after a load of handwashing. Despite using only cold water I was left with a big pink stain on an olive/cotton floral print. I couldn’t throw it out, but had to hide it at the back of wardrobe so I didn’t have terrible pangs everytime I saw it. Recently however I found that stuff http://www.dylon.com.au/fc-coloursafe.htm and to my great surprise after one soak the stain was gone! I would read the box carefully though, as it worked well on cotton, but may have a different effect on different fabrics. Good luck! (ps though, nothing looks amiss in that pic, pretty as usual!)

  6. I really love this outfit on you, and I especially love the shoes (though I took a look at that site and everything is a little expensive for my taste). ;(

    1. Thanks Sydney… hint: I bought all my Chie Mihara’s 2nd hand off eBay! They’re WAY to expensive for me to be able to afford brand new. There’ starting to get rare on eBay, but when a pair comes up you can usually get them for under $200

  7. If that’s an “after” photo, then it’s really not noticeable (on camera, at least), but I know well the frustration of damaging something you love. Last week I wore a black handbag with a white dress, and now have black marks where the strap was 🙁

    1. Thanks Catherine – yep that’s an after photo. It’s not hugely noticeable, and at least the colour run was even! I can live with it like this, but I’m going to try some colour run & see if it makes a difference.

  8. I hate it when things are changed for the worse because of something I’ve done too, I get so much more angrier than I would have gotten if it had been changed some other way. Those tights are really cute and fun! And I’m still loving the mustard and navy combo, too!

  9. I see no problem with the colours of the skirt and, before reading the text, I thought to myself: “Oh, how skillfully coordinated colours, that skirt is great!”

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