Kitty collared

Collar: Collar Me Pretty

Cardigan (Eugenie Cashmere, no longer available): Similar Here

Skirt (Society Plus, not currently available): Similar Here

Shoes: Rockport

It seems like I begin every blog post these days apologising for how long it’s been since I last posted, so I’m not doing that any more. This is me: not apologising for how long it’s been between posts. Nope. Not apologising. (But, like, sorry.)

Life’s been a whirlwind lately, but to be honest I’m just running out of puff at bit by the end of the day/week/month. My day-to-day style’s evolving to be a bit less flashy and bloggable too, and I’m sure it would be hilariously boring for you guys to check in every day and see the same. damn. outfit. over. and. over.

Life’s good though, and if you’ve ever worried about me you can always check in on Instagram, where you can discover that this month I’ve 1) been published in a book (eeek!), 2) done a fancy pastry course, 3) sewn a bazillion pink pussy hats, and 4) continued to be totally insufferable about how much I love my job. (You can also check me out on Twitter, but it’s mostly me losing my shit about the NBC TV show Emerald City… you guys know how much The Wizard of Oz means to me).

 Anyhoo. I’ve been doing a bit of crafting lately, which – if my track record is anything to go by – you’ll get a tutorial on in about six months. Projects have included an embroidered collar that was in part influenced by this super-cute kitty collar that I bought about seventeen seconds after seeing it on Etsy.

Collar Me Pretty is a Sydney-based Etsy shop run by the lovely Sev, who makes embellished detachable collars and “dickies” for layering under sweaters.

What with The Rack of Doom, I thought a dickie might be quite a good option, but unfortunately it didn’t work at all on my body. In the future I’d probably go with a simple detachable collar, but once I snipped off the elastic strips off, and sewed the bib to a singlet to help it sit smoothly it worked beautifully under a high-necked sweater.

It’s a really cute way of adding a bit of preppy whimsy to a simple outfit, but (because it’s me) I teamed it with my favourite full midi skirt from Society Plus. The whole ensemble is just a little OTT… just the way I like it!




10 thoughts on “Kitty collared

  1. I also loved this collar when i saw it on the interwebs somewhere. I bought a blouse with this collar on AliExpress and I knew the blouse wouldn’t fit so i made a dickie out of it, but it also did not work for me. But you sewed it onto a singlet? That is brilliant! I’m going to try that myself!
    I love this look btw, The skirt is dreamy!

    1. Oh yeah, I saw the blouses – LOVE them, but knew they wouldn’t come close to fitting. Give the singlet a go – it worked well for me, and it was pretty easy. Just put the singlet on, pin the dickie in place, then sew 🙂

  2. Hey Lilli!

    This is such a cute outfit… I love it! Thanks for the heads up about Instagram, I was getting a little worried…..

    Happy crafting!

    1. Thanks Carmel 🙂
      It’s a lot easier to update regularly on Instagram (less writing!) but every month I promise myself that I’m going to start blogging a bit more regularly again… maybe this time I actually will!

    1. Honestly? They’re kind of a nuisance. They make it difficult to find clothes that fit, cute bras, seatbelts, strappy tops… also: there’s a fine line between showing too little, and showing too much when it comes to cleavage.

  3. That is adorable! I’ve found a few kitty-collared tops online but they mostly seem to come in tiny sizes, and as a fellow owner of a rack-o-doom, I was resigned to going without. Definitely checking this Etsy shop out, thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Lilli, I tried to find you on instantgram.. but can’t seem to locate you. I love your blog and I check it out every chance I get. I love the clothes and the styles. You can follow me on instantgram if you like. lmlynch42

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