Merry Mekko

Top: DIY York Top with Marimekko fabric

Skirt: Modcloth

Shoes: Edward Meller

I was paging back through my old posts to see the last time I blogged one of these York tops, and was staggered to discover that I hadn’t yet!

Some months ago, a sewing buddy of mine sacrificed one of her Sundays to come over and teach me how to do a full-bust adjustment. I’m still getting the hang of doing them by myself, but the original pattern that she helped me draft – the Seamwork York – has had a very good workout – I’ve made four different versions in a variety of fabrics, including this gorgeous Marimekko linen.

The fabric cost a good $70 which was pretty spendy for yardage, but cheap compared to ready-made Marimekko clothing. I love the bold patterns and colours, and they’re fairly difficult to find in plus sizes or in fabric, so I figured it would be an investment.

The York top is designed to be boxy, and normally I would have had to cut a few sizes larger to make sure it fit the Rack of Doom. With a full bust adjustment I can wear the smaller size, and the result is a boxy shape without being swamped.

I hemmed it fairly short – partly so I didn’t have to buy so much fabric, but also because I wanted to play up that boxy cropped shape. As a result it doesn’t tuck in very well, but I actually quite like how it looks with this full skirt from Modcloth.

8 thoughts on “Merry Mekko

  1. Whoop whoop! I made my wedding dress from Marimekko fabric this summer! It was awesome! Also, I bought the fabric at our local kitchen supply dealer which was an irritating piece of information when people asked me where I got my wedding gown from!
    Your fabric looks great on you!

  2. I love seeing your sewing projects, it inspires me to sew. I actually got my ancient sewing machine out on the weekend (it was a hand me down from my Grandma!) and it went up in a puff of smoke. Now I am in the market for a new machine and just wondered what you use and if you are happy with it – it’s always good to get the opinion of a fellow home sewer. I only need something basic. Thanks!!

  3. Long time reader, thanks for just a gorgeous blog. I also have a newfound interest in sewing so look forward to seeing more of your projects. Wishing you a merry Christmas and all the best…x

  4. Hi Lilli!

    Great colours and fabric! I’m also interested in the sewing machine you use. I sew on an old Singer treadle which was “electrified” by my mum in the 70’s but I’m thinking of getting rid of the motor and push-down pedal and going back to treadling since reading an article about a designer dude in New York who sews exclusively on treadle Singer machines he finds and refurbishes!

    Season’s greetings!
    Carmel Xx

  5. I really love your style! I’ve just taken up sewing – I’ve made a couple of basic circle skirts and an apron, so my abilities are still very beginner. I’d love to give this pattern a go. Any tips? I’d love to know where you purchased the Marimekko fabric from?

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