Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Top: Ruby & Lilli

Skirt: Sussan

Cardigan: Sussan

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Spring feels tantalizingly close: it’s in the air, the new growth on the trees and the evening light.

It’s a fresh start for me, too. After my redundancy a few months ago I just started a new full-time job in a brand-new industry. After twenty years working with books I’ve found the change a little bit sad, and a little bit daunting, but mostly exciting. As much as I love bookselling and publishing it’ll be good to try my hand at something new for the first time in my professional life.

So transeasonal transition, huh?

I’ve always found that the secret to surviving these in-between months is layering, so I was really thrilled to be able to try a couple of Ruby & Lilli’s long-sleeved tees.

I’ve been a fan of the Ruby & Lilli fit every since I bought my Hello Lover tee, and I was interested to see what their winter range was like.

The fabric’s quite different, it doesn’t have the same slouchy softness of my three previous t-shirts, rather it’s a more structured cotton fabric. I did love how the gold foil dots were on the sleeves and the back of the tee as well as the front, (though on me the critical placement of two of the dots, um, raised eyebrows).

The fit, of course, is perfect. The body of the tee skims without clinging, and the neckline has that wide scoop that really flatters a full bust. One major issue I’ve found with other long sleeves tees has been that if they’re not skin-tight in the body then the shoulders and upper arms are way too big. It’s a real credit to the designers at Ruby & Lilli that they understand that making clothes for plus-size women doesn’t means just making them BIGGER all over.

And the sleeves are long enough to cover my wrists, hurrah!

Frocks and Frou FrouThe Ruby & Lilli long sleeved tees are only four dollars more than the regular short-sleeved versions, and they’re an ideal item to carry you over these inbetweeny months before summer hits for real.

32 thoughts on “Bubbly

  1. So….don’t leave us in suspense! What will you be doing?!

    BTW – Spring is coming in Oz? Today is the 3rd day of (meteorological) autumn in Chicago. It’s supposed to be around 90 degrees – that’s (around) 33 for you metric people.


    1. Yes…. Very tentatively spring though! And 33 degrees is far too hot, I entirely agree!
      I’m repping again, so I’ll be on the road, but I’m working for a baby supplies company now, which has been a steep learning curve for childless me!

    1. Sorry if you’re finding my writing style a bit annoying! I see that you’re a first time commenter so perhaps you haven’t been reading for particularly long. If you go back through the archives you’ll see I do actually share a lot of my personal life on here. However, for obvious reasons I do try to keep my personal/blogging self a bit separate from my professional work life.

  2. Congrats on the new job!! A new industry can always be a fun thing – and if it doesn’t work out, it’s at least some pay cycles and new contacts/experiences in between 🙂

    I love the Ruby and Lilli tops – but agree the material is quite different on some of the longer tops (although the essentials duo are still soft and lovely). I hope your sweet knees are ok – they look like they either had too much fun or not enough (meant in caring way only).

    Love the cardi too! Great look xxx

    1. Thanks Geri! My poor knees had spent a few hours that day rubbing out against some rough carpet while I built some prams for the shop floor! They’re looking much less sorry for themselves now!

  3. Teeheehee, I wore my ‘bubbles’ for the first time last week and the first comment I got was about the strategic placement!
    Great news about the job! It’s all experience, and you’ll make the most of the journey, wherever it takes you!
    My journey is bringing me to Melbourne on the weekend…and I didn’t even realise the A+ markets are on Sunday! It’s on my way back to the airport, is it worth a visit? The A+…not the airport! LoL

    1. Hey Kellie – late reply, sorry! I hope you have an awesome visit to Melbourne. The weather’s supposed to be quite nice for you, hooray!
      I believe the A+ market is a bit different every time (different stall owners) but it’s definitely worth dropping in on – even just to meet other members of the community!

  4. Great news about your new job – I wish you every success! Hope it’s fun, fulfilling, and well-paid 😛 the company is lucky to have you!

    Really like the top.and the fact that the spots are proper shiny gold, not the sort of thin colour that’ll fade after a few washes. And the placement of spots is … eye-catching!

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