Braided Chignon



braided chignon



p.s. Oh wow! it’s a LOT easier to take hair tutorial photos when your phone can show you what your camera is looking at! I’m loving the wifi and remote control capabilities of the Olympus OM-D E-M10¬†that I’m getting to play with at the moment!

6 thoughts on “Braided Chignon

  1. geez, you really make me wanna grown my hair long again! (and I am coveting that camera!!)

    also, woooo for your baby sister’s wonderful news! I wept with joy when I read it =)

  2. Wish I had your beautiful thick hair! But this works on my fine hair pretty well. Planning on wearing my hair like this for a wedding soon. Thank you for the inspiration – love your style x

  3. Great hairstyle – looking forward to trying it!

    I think the first few steps can be simplified by taking two strands of hair from on top/behind the ears, tying them together with a hair tie at the back, then flipping the hair tie back towards your head and pulling the rest of the ponytail through. It might be a bit less fiddly with fewer pins!

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