Braided Side Bun


The braided side-bun is an easy hair-do that can be glammed up with a fancy hair clip, and still looks good at the end of the day when it’s all falling out.

Braiding around the back of the head might take a couple of goes to get the hang of, but the best tip I have is: when you’re swapping over from braiding with from lthe right side to braiding from the left (or vice versa) just try to remember if the last move you did was top to middle or bottom to middle (I hope that makes sense!).

P.S. I just bought a pack of those swirly bobby pins from Priceline, and they are rocking my world. I have super slippery hair, and normally I’d need a good handful of regular bobby pins to keep this up-do in place. I can do it with one carefully placed “spin pin”, and it won’t budge all day.braided side bun tutorial

5 thoughts on “Braided Side Bun

  1. Your hair looks so great!!! I could never do that with my hair.

    Maybe a dumb question. I was wondering how are you actually taking the pictures while you do it? Or is someone else doing it for you?

  2. I love your hair tutorials! I tried your mock-chignon to RAVE reviews! I’m still working on mastering the ‘lazy Sunday braids’ because my hair is layered (so I have to be careful of the braid placements). But this looks nice, too!

  3. This hairstyle almost (almost!) makes me want to grow my hair again! It looks amazing! Although I’m waiting to see what your new hair style will look like! I loved your Louise Brooks-esq bob! Hope you are well!

  4. Wow, great idea! Will definitely try it out soon.
    The swirly bobby pins are really better than the regular ones, they give any pinning so much more hold 🙂

  5. I am loving these hair tutorial posts! This one will take me a fair amount of practice, I really suck at braids haha.

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