12 thoughts on “How learning to sew transformed my fashion self-confidence

  1. Interesting points. I recall looking at a Barbie dress in Miss Selfridge recently and the difference between the 6 and 16 was literally 1cm. It made me sick. Had I tried that on, I’d have been so annoyed at it not fitting, but when you realise it’s almost the same as 5 sizes smaller, it’s no surprise! Other than when I freaked out at going from a 12 to 14 years ago (was actually embarrassed to buy/try on clothes in that size), I couldn’t care less what the label says. I’m now mostly an 18/20, but like you say I have everything from a 14-22!

  2. You’ve inspired me to enrol in a beginners dressmakers course at Adult Ed – time to finally learn how to use that sewing machine! thanks Lilli 🙂

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