22 thoughts on “May(de): In The Details

  1. How do those fox shoes hold out? I love them but I was worried they’d fall apart or wouldn’t hold out against a day of wearing them! 🙂

    1. Hey Jenny,
      Pretty good, so far! They’re actually my second pair of Em & Sprout shoes (I also had the Chihuahua shoes) and they didn’t fall apart even after having owned them for a year.

  2. Gorgeous shoes. Just gorgeous. Are they more like slippers in construction? I would be worried wearing them out for fear of wrecking them!

    K xx

    1. Hey Kitty,
      They’re those cotton tai chi shoes that you see sometimes in Chinatown. They don’t have a lot of support, but they’re fine for outdoor wear 🙂

  3. The lust list gets a workout! You’ll have to add some more items to your list now LOL. Cheers

  4. Hi Lillee, looking very chic, like the red on you, and those levi curve jeans are gorgeous, it is so annoying that larger sizes are not available in Australia. I dont believe it is Levis decision, but rather local distributors who refuse to cater to larger sizes here. They cannot then complain when we all buy our clothes online from the States, discovering in the process how much cheaper clothing is there too! Along those lines i thought i would let you know that Torrid is now available on the One stop plus website, which has much cheaper shipping rates to Australia. I just shipped 2 items for $13.00

  5. Super cute outfit.

    I love the jeans, striped T and cardi look- the shoes just add a little ‘foxy’ to the mix 😉

  6. These shoes are so cute! My daughter has decided to wear the cloud shoes to her school formal! Thanks for the tip:)

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