May(de): Stars In Her Eyes

Top: Zara

Cardigan: Table 8

Jeans: Levi Curve

Boots: Duo Boots

Belt: City Chic

Dear oh dear, that’s two days in a row that I haven’t blogged. I’m so sorry – I’ve been badly under the weather – I took two days off work, and have more or less spent the entire weekend in bed, apart from a very welcome visit from my bridesmaid Bella on Saturday.

The sweet girl had surrendered her jacket to a friend, and was wandering the city in her t-shirt, bravely pretending that she wasn’t freezing to death. So we went to my favourite cheapie cardigan shop – Cocolatte – and bought her a cardigan, then came home and remixed some hearts onto the elbows with my still prolific quantities of wool roving.

I wore the one item I’ve been able to find that fits from UK powerhouse Zara; a star-print blouse.

Little-known fact about your blogger: I am obsessed with space.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an astronomer (this was before I discovered how much maths was required) and I must have been the only child excited by the prospect of a world-ending comet; I was sure that the government had a Plan, and we’d end up in giant spaceships travelling the universe, a la Star Wars.

I’ve grown out of the “astronomer” stage now, but I still have a bit of a thing for stuff that reminds me of the night sky, which is probably why the moment I saw this amazing midnight sunstone necklace on etsy I knew I had to have it:

Necklace: Friedasophie

The necklace has the most beautiful sparkle (my photo really REALLY doesn’t do it justice) it looks like a big chunk of the night sky.

It’s another stretch for my “May(de)” criteria, but I’m running out of cold weather custom-made items! A few more days to go, but I’ve got at least one DIY project in the works, so sit tight!

17 thoughts on “May(de): Stars In Her Eyes

    1. LOL, jobless philospher sounds like a pretty fascinating career path though. I’m afraid I sold out completely and started working in publishing.

      1. bah! jobless philosopher and starving artist sounds even better 😀
        ok, I managed to write another version of CV (this time I removed my every achievement and left only meaningless jobs as shop seller 😉 and we’ll see…) keep your fingers crossed and
        as always…
        HUGE HUG!

  1. Lilli, I love the top and cardi! I too have always had a fascination for space, moon, and stars! There’s something so appealing about the idea of life on other planets and the moon, well, it doesn’t get more mysterious and alluring than that! I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  2. LOL! That’s so funny! When most little girls wanted to be ballerinas, I was fantasizing about being the first woman to walk on Mars. Oh, youthful idealism. That particular dream lasted until my freshman year of college when I started my university career as an Astrophysics major. And when I took my first Astrophysics class, well… blech. I ended up switching to something completely different, but like you I still have a soft spot for space. Every year, I make it a point to drive out into the country and watch the meteor showers. =)

    I LOVE this shirt on you! It looks lovely. Zara has such amazing stuff, but it never fits. Boo! Congrats on finding something that works!

    1. Wow! You got as far as College!? Color me impressed! I haven’t seen a meteor shower in years. I live in the city now, so I barely even see the stars 🙁
      The Sophisticate’s family home is out in the country though, so I dose up on stardust while I’m out there.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better! Being sick is the worst 🙁 I love your boots btw! I’m actually going looking for a pair today, hope I can find some as nice as these – wish me luck haha 🙂

    Life Etc

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