Wedding Day: Ceremonial

So, where were we?

That’s right; while my bridesmaids and I were taking the not-so-long, but wobbly-kneed walk towards Terrara’s main house where we would wait to make our Grande Entrance, this was happening under the trees:

My brother Wim & friend Sarah warming up. They played me down the aisle to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

The Sophisticate’s family, looking laid-back and relaxed.

I love this photo of my Mum performing last-minute adjustments to The Sophisticate’s vintage tie. (See! I promised you all some photos of the groom!)

The Sophisticate’s groomsmen were in various shades of tan and brown. They sourced their own suits, and The Sophisticate gifted them matching shirts and ties. With the girls in mismatched floral prints, it just made sense for the groomsmen to be able to express their own sense of style as well.

Don’t the girls look amazing in the sun?

Our minister, Gareth, was on loan from my lovely bridesmaid Callie. The two of them just got engaged themselves a few months ago. Wonderfully exciting! Having a friend marry us meant an enormous amount to me, it made the wedding much more personal and intimate.

My Mum did the reading for us. We chose 1 Corinthians 13 (Love is gentle, love is kind).

We wrote our own vows. After reading about it on A Practical Wedding I suggested to The Sophisticate that we present them like a conversation. It broke it up a little, made it more spontaneous for our guests, and (most importantly) it gave his tends-towards-emotional-overwroughtness Bride the opportunity to take a breather between each vow. It worked perfectly, it was funny and sincere. Laughter and tears. Among other things, he promised to fill me in on LOLcat memes, and I promised not to take up more than three-quarters of the wardrobe space (I may live to regret that one)

A kiss…

The important business of signing the paperwork…

And the deed is done. Presenting Mr & Mrs Sophisticate.

38 thoughts on “Wedding Day: Ceremonial

  1. oh oh oh, so beautiful. Love the photo of you and your dad, the photo of your mm adjusting the tie is just so sweet, love love love the boys assorted suits and the kiss!!!! It just seemed like the most wonderful loving lovely day. Such happiness! Thanks for sharing more pics of your wonderful day!

  2. Ohhhhh, love. I am feeling all happy and tingley after reading about and seeing the lovely photos from your wedding. What a lovely bunch of people and I dont even know you, but can tell you’ re good peeps too! Love that pic of you and your dad, with your cheery red shoes sparkling out from under your white dress on the green lawn. Magic! Cheers to a happy life.

  3. I think you should have promised to have a wardrobe all to yourself and he can have the one in the spare room!!!!! Love the wedding pictures – am thinking of investing in a pair of those sparkle shoes myself 🙂

  4. Awwww, what a handsome hubby you have! (I’m guessing you already know that though!)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Seeing so much happiness in these pages, I cant but feel all warm and happy! I love the photo of you and your Dad too… 😀

  5. Thank you so much for all the posts sharing your big day. I have so enjoyed reading them and I love the choices the pair of you made to make your day so uniquely your own. You will have such a beautiful foundation to build your marriage on. I wish you both total bliss and happiness.
    I am planning my 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration this year but my wedding day still seems only like yesterday. xxxx

  6. whoa! that was a wonderful event! 🙂
    i’m so happy about you 🙂
    and I hope you two will be always shining same way as on your wedding day!
    huge hug!

  7. I love it! Thank you for adding pictures of your groom as well. He’s so handsome! I’m really glad everything came out so beautifully. Following the pre-wedding jitters to the post-wedding joy has been awesome.

  8. I got a little misty, that was beautiful! It makes me happy to read of your happy beginning! I pray you have many, many wonderful years together.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing more pictures! Love the groom kicking his foot up during the kiss, and love the not-so-matchy matchiness! Many years!

  10. Nice photos, Lian. I thought you might have put in one of you and all your siblings so your readers can see what you all have in common (or not).

  11. Oh, Lilli, this reads like a fairy tale! What an absolutely beautiful post! And those photos! I sighed from beginning to end! The ladies look stunning in the sun and you and the Sophisticate make a lovely couple! I enjoyed this post so much! It was so worth the wait! Thank you, thank you for sharing your special day with us! 🙂

  12. I have followed this wonderful blog for a while now, and this is the first time i have commented. these are lovely pictures and everything and everyone look amazing. thank you for sharing!

  13. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sophisticate! I love how Mr Sophisticate’s leg popped up during the kiss…and the vows sounded soo romantic! Have a great and long live together! Love all the way from Malaysia 🙂

  14. Beautiful!!! I’m so happy you showed pictures of the ceremony!! 🙂 You two make a divine couple… you look so much in love. 🙂

    Oh, and as an aside? I have a crush on the Sophisticate. 😀

  15. It all looks amazing Lilli and you both seem very happy. Your last picture reminds me of one me & the husband have – he’s too tall to fit into the picture properly.

    Simply gorgeous.

  16. Congratulations!! The wedding looks like it was so gorgeous, and y’all are a great looking couple. Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  17. You two make a beautiful couple. Thanks so much for showing us photos of your special day. Congratulations again!

  18. Oh Lilly!

    Worth the wait indeed, You two are simply splendid together. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

  19. Oh Lilli, this made me tear up, I’m so happy for you. I’ve followed your blog since the beginning, and I absolutely love your sense of style and outlook on life. I’m so happy for you guys, you both look wonderful. I love the bridesmaid dresses and your beautiful gown. All the little touches make your wedding so special.

    All the best and lots of love to you both.

    – Liz xxx

  20. you looked really stunning in that great dress 🙂 and also with your perfect matching
    hair and make-up! A question: Which Brand is your lovely wedding dress? 🙂

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