Top: Portmans

Skirt: Asos

Petticoat: Domino Dollhouse

Shoes: Wittner

If imitation if the sincerest form of flattery, then you should probably just consider me flattering the hell out of the lovely Tanesha from Girl With Curves here.

See? Isn’t she gorgeous?

I fell in love with this outfit last year, and have off-and-on tried to replicate it with little success.

First, the sequin top (thrifted) was impossible to find… at least until someone on twitter pointed me towards the Portmans clearance store where I found a pretty passable imitation for just $20.

Secondly, the skirt. Tanesha’s is from Modcloth, but my far more substantial waist doesn’t fit much at Modcloth, so I turned elsewhere. I finally found this one on Asos, and when it arrived this afternoon I discovered to my delight that it’s pretty much perfect.

It’s called the Fit & Flare Midi skirt, and it’s made of a heavy drill cotton. I’m wearing it fresh out of the box and with a petticoat underneath (I was that excited to receive it) so it’s  bit smooshed. I need to get it hemmed and pressed and then convince The Sophisticate to take me out somewhere swanky that’s sequin-worthy and then I can finally wear the Tanesha-wannabe outfit of my dreams!

18 thoughts on “Flattery

  1. I LOVED the Tanesha outfit when i first saw it, but knew that my waist will never look as good (and tiny) as hers and so abandoned the search for a simiilar outfit. but i have to say- you totally pull this off! (i’m soooo copying this!)- you look lovely- i hope you get your swanky night!

  2. Beautiful! I actually love both versions. Yours just feels so classy and ballroom-esque to me while hers makes me think of date-night at a nice restaurant (I say that as though I do such things, lol)

  3. I loved this too when I saw it on Tanesha’s blog. You look absolutely beautiful in it. There’s just something about sparkly things hey? My stay at home mum living in a conservative country town life just doesn’t seem to have any sparkly clothing wearing opportunities. Although who’s to say you can’t wear sparkles to collect the eggs or pick some beans anyway?!

    1. Maybe you and I should start a branch of the CWA but call it the CWWWS- Country women who wear Sequins :D,

  4. I love you both! You look so gorgeous with this combination of gold and black… and most of all I like your longer skirt. Well done girl, I’m going to replicate it too 😉

  5. Lilli, I think you look beautiful! This top is a wonderful fit and the gold sequins are very flattering on you. The full skirt is the perfect choice for a swanky night out on the town. Hope you can enjoy this type of evening soon! 🙂

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