Cosmo Magazine – February 2011

* Just a teensy disclaimer here: As you guys know I’m not an advocate of “Do’s and Don’ts” so it was frustrating to see my name put to a collection of “Style Tips” that I never offered. Not that it’s bad advice… it’s just that I’ve never said “Jeans ARE possible” in my life.

4 thoughts on “Cosmo Magazine – February 2011

  1. First of all, congratulations on the media, much fanfare & dancing in the streets 😉 & boo hiss to having your name put to tips you didn’t give… but my question is you feel about “FATshionista”?

    I know all about the “Fat acceptance” culture, but, as an overweight gal myself, that screaming title isn’t pleasant, I certainly wouldn’t like to be labelled as one (if I were more stylish, obviously!). Maybe I’m being precious…. no…. actually, I don’t think so. I was going to say “At least curvy girls are getting in the magazines”, but they’re not really, are they? This is an unusual occurrence; that’s why there IS that screaming title & an article, because they (you, we) are not normally in there.

    1. I have to agree with Vic. As lovely as you all look, it would be lovelier still if you were included in an article about ‘fashion bloggers’ as opposed to ‘fatshion bloggers’. How about mags just do something on stylish people generally, regardless of body shape?

      But anyway, congratulations. Great exposure for your gorgeous blog. 🙂

    2. Yeah, it’s a bit of a catchall title that’s been hoisted onto fashion bloggers over a certain size. I usually just swing with it, but I don’t know that I’m one of the brave individuals who are taking the label “Fat”, owning it, and stripping it of its power.

  2. Congrats on all the media attention – no one better to show off how to dress beautifully when you are not a size 10. But I did roll my eyes a bit at the do’s and don’t that you never actually said. My pet peeve when it comes to the media is quoting someone as saying something they haven’t. grrr. But apart from that you look divine as always. mwah!

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