Dress: Asos

Cardigan: Friends Of Couture (via CardiganStore)

Tights: Voodoo

Shoes: Wittner

Necklace: Fabienne

This outfit – white dress with black tights and cardigan – makes me feel a little like the negative of a photograph with the shades of dark and light reversed.

Reader Jo also has this dress, and commented last time that she wears it with black tights and jacket, so I thought I’d steal her look. Doesn’t it work wonderfully?

It also makes a great canvas to show off my new black beaded necklace:

It wasn’t quite the smartest outfit to wear today – Melbourne suffered through a day of persistent misty-rain, but fortunately the  opaque tights did double duty of protecting my modesty AND keeping me warm!

11 thoughts on “Negative

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I actually tried it with sheer tights first because I thought opaques would be too much, but the outfit actually works much better with the darker colour at the bottom to balance out the cardigan.

  1. Hi Lilli,
    I’m so excited you gave the ‘negative’ look a go! You look totally fab 🙂 I might just have to wear my dress again today although dear old Sydney is very cold right now…so cold that I’ve been layering up as if I lived somewhere much, much colder!
    I love the black necklace with the outfit it really pulls it together…gorgeous necklace too.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of white dresses, but this one from asos is very lovely. And the Negative Look works good with your hair and type.

  3. oh! what an awesome look, your bicycle print head band would look adorbz with this outfit 🙂 the pearl-style buttons on the cardi work soooo well. do you have a polkadot b&w cardi? it might work well too.

    1. Thanks a good idea, Estherosita! It didn’t even occur to me to wear the headband, but I will next time.
      I don’t have a black and white polkadot cardi, but I do have a red and white hearts one! Might try it with that next time 🙂

  4. LOVE how you’ve worn the dress. I still haven’t worn mine but plan to on Monday for new role day…eek! LIke Estherosita suggested I plan to wear mine with my black & white polka dot cardi – although mine is blue not white.

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