Black Out

Blouse: Inspyre @ Harris Scarfe

Cardigan: Glassons

Skirt: Portmans

Shoes: Naturalizer


Oooh – It’s one of those rare, colourless days for your blogger here! Quickly remedied, because gal-pal Fiona and I went and got our fingers and toesies painted this afternoon in anticipation of her big Not-A-Wedding-Party tomorrow. Fiona went with a most elegant french polish, but when I spotted a glittery scarlet, turned the bottle over and discovered it was a Wizard of Oz themed polish called “Ruby Pumps” I was sold. Even as I’m typing this I’m doing many speeling mistajes because I’m distracted by how alarmingly wonderful my nails look right now.

Well, my outfit may look a little severe, but there’s a little frou-frou still – check out the frilly hem on the skirt:



35 thoughts on “Black Out

  1. I think the black looks lovely! And that skirt frill is adorable. It’s such a cute little “librarian” type look. (And I’m a librarian, so I should know!)

  2. A true Melbourne -ite look there with all the black! But once in a while black just has to do! I like the idea of red nail varnish! I would be sold on that name! I once bought an eye shadow because it was called Pixie Dust!! Funny how a name can persuade you to buy something!

  3. a great black outfit, very Melbourne..
    You have many pairs of shoes bit a big hole in the repertoire screams out – a good pair of black heels 😀 (just shows what a big obsession I have with shoes)
    Heels, baby, yeas!

  4. Omg, this is my favourite look I’ve seen on you in a while. You should do the city librarian thing more often! 😀

  5. Hi Lilli,
    not severe at all! Very approachable, very 50’s, very gorgeous. Black&white polka dots are the business. I just came across a mention of your blog a few days ago in a German magazine – you wearing your beautiful red&white ruffled DIY skirt. Had to have a look, and have told at least 4 people about it since then…
    Your blog is a pleasure to read, and very inspiring. Thanks for the great work!
    Best wishes 🙂
    PS: all the red boots + denim skirt outfits are fabulous!!!

  6. sooo very late to the party on this post – hopefully you still see the comments! i missed the transition to the new blog via my rss & thought you were on hiatus – tragedy! thank goodness i get to do all of this catching up now… lovely stockings — brand??

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