A Not-Wedding

Dress: Monroe

Shoes: Zu


Last night The Sophisticate and I attended the “Not-Wedding” of two of my dearest friends Chris and Fiona. Chris writes a wonderfully funny comics blog, and Fiona writes a wonderfully funny review blog, and the two are them make one of those couples you’d hate for being so damned perfect, except that they’re both positively delicious so feeling anything but squishy love and adoration is impossible.

They were celebrating ten years, and after I’d finished giggling at the not-wedding invite (hilarious – I’ll scan it and put it up later) I thought about how exciting it was to be able to celebrate such a milestone with two people that I care so much about.

On the night Fiona looked every inch the blushing not-Bride in a sixties-style lace shift dress, and Chris looked most resplendent in his suit and tie, too

I was lucky to have a very dapper Sophisticate on my arm that night, and I took the opportunity to wear my wonderful Monroe dress for the second time.

Linda J. asked me particularly to blog my handbag, and for the night I teamed the outfit with the lovely Rosette bag I’d bought last year from the Melbourne Design Market

Bag: Wilson Accessories

It matched the rose that I was wearing in my hair…

And the red nails that I wore especially for Fiona, nail colour queen 🙂


21 thoughts on “A Not-Wedding

  1. No lie, I totally teared up reading this. I am residually drunk on love alone from last night. You are ace and you looked amazing and my iPhone is getting all soggy from something in my eye. Wuv ooooo

  2. What a gorgeous outfit (esp the dress! I LOVE it!) and what a brilliant idea! I have a couple of friends who have been together 16 years but have never felt the need to get married and I might suggest they do something similar to make such a milestone of commitment.

    Saying that I am married – but we had the most anti-wedding – wedding you can imagine. Maybe I will blog about it… hmmm – means I could don my wedding dress again!

  3. What a wonderful idea! You look fab, Lilli. Those red of the bag and the rose in your hair really make the outift. Love it 🙂

  4. I love this dress, you look so fab from head to toe lilli, and what a smart choice..red accessories everywhere except for lips 🙂

  5. Oooh I love that dress. And the red accessories to go with. I wish I’d bought it myself when I spotted it in Myer – if you recall, my thoughts were about how much you would love it. And you look lovely in it. I especially love the red nails.

  6. Oh my! how I love your dress!?I’ve only just started reading your blog now I can’t live without it!? Thankyou also for the Monroe link…. Never knew it existed!? As living in country (5hrs from melb), online shopping is my life!? Anyone wants to sell that dress…. I’m up for it!?

  7. Love the dress and the bag and the shoes and the idea of the non-wedding. You are an inspiration, thanks for that!
    /Ida in Sweden

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