New Kid On The Block

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Skirt: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Naturaliser

Headband: Mimco


Jessica Tengalia is a familiar name around the “fatshion” world. She used to be with one of my favourite clothing companies, Igigi, but recently struck out on her own to found a new plus-size label named “Eliza Parker“.

I’d heard about the range from other bloggers online, and I’d taken a bit of a look at their website, where I promptly fell in love with everything, so I was absolutely delighted when Jessica contacted me with an offer to do a review.

They’ve got wonderfully classic and wearable designs, and it’s easy to make choices as to what would suit you by using Jessica’s “Perfect Fit” system (whereby girls are catergorised by five distinct body shapes). The size chart’s spot on, and the site’s very easy to navigate… it was easy (too easy!) to find a number of items I was keen to try.

To start with I decided to give the high-waisted a-line skirt a whirl, and I was really impressed with the quality. Jessica’s obviously adopted Igigi‘s dedication to using good quality materials – no flimsy, easily crushed jersey here. The skirt’s a deliciously slinky and heavy poly-spandex, and it’s fully lined to boot. It sits perfectly and skims my hips rather than clinging, and it simply will. not. crush.

This gives me high hopes that Eliza Parker may actually have my perfect wrap dress

Stay tuned, because we’ve got another review coming…

7 thoughts on “New Kid On The Block

  1. Just discovered I’m a pineapple ;). Loving the look as always … You look like Grace Kelly with that gorgeous cardi & the cute headband. Tres elegant!

    My fox jumper just arrived … Watch out for a copycat post!

  2. I love your outfit today – it’s gorgeous!

    I hopped straight on the site, only to discover that they don’t have my size in stock at the moment! I guess it’s saving me money, but that skirt! And the Bordeaux dress!


  3. oh, really great stuff 🙂 i wonder how pencil skirt would like on real girl, i’m dreaming of one, but i need it tailored it seems. sigh… sewing machine will be my destiny 😉

  4. Great skirt, would go great with a pair of high heeled mary janes (have mary janes but alas not your great skirt – damn).
    I am very partial to Mimco – I have a thing or two of theirs.
    Leona Edmiston do some wrap dresses. I have a few Leonas and they always get compliments (but, as my friend’s dad used to say – it’s not the dress, it’s the girl in it) They have the diffusion line which is a bit cheaper and she does up to about a size 16 or 18.

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