More Bang For Your Buck

Blouse: Sportscraft

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Jeans: Embody

Boots: Duo Boots


I was reading a really interesting article last week that suggested that jeans were the most cost-effective item in a woman’s wardrobe. That is to say, for what we pay for them, and how many times we wear them, cost-per-wear works out to be around 16c (compared to 24c for leggings, 18c for bras, etc etc).

Imagine how much better your cost-per-wear would be if Natalie Wakeling gave you 30% OFF THE FULL RANGE AT EMBODY DENIM for FIVE WHOLE DAYS?? Lucky you, that’s exactly what Natalie’s doing! Just email her at with your desired style & size with the word “Frocks” in the subject line, and she’ll send you a discounted invoice.

Top: Von Mozart (Thrifted)

Jeans: Embody Denim

Shoes: Filippo Raphael

Maybe you’d like these jeans? They’re a new style at Embody, the Soho Capri Jeans, and they’re going to be great for summer! (Hell, they’re great now, especially for tucking into knee-high boots as you can see!). Natalie’s first cropped jean, they have a paneled leg, a skinny-fit, and a very elegant high waistband.

The higher waist gives a really flattering side-on silhouette  …and my butt doesn’t look half-bad either:

ETA: Natalie’s set up a few links so you can just put through orders without having to wait for her to get back to you with the updated invoice – just click through and it’ll take you straight to the relevant payment page:

* If you want a basic pair of the $249 jeans (discounted price $175) CLICK HERE and enter your preferred size and style in the “instructions” box

* If you want a pair of the Bella Wideleg jeans discounted from $259.95 to $181.95 CLICK HERE and enter your size in the “instructions” box

* If you want the awesome Fever Skirt discounted from $129.95 to $90.95 CLICK HERE and enter your size in the “instructions” box

* and if you had your eye on the Embrace Jacket and think you might like to take it home for a meagre $63.25 (down from $89) then CLICK HERE

26 thoughts on “More Bang For Your Buck

  1. Talk about vavavaboom! I have to admit to not being very familiar with Embody jeans but I will definitely have to check them out. They completely flatter your figure!

  2. You look great – those capri jeans are fab! I have a black pair of ice queen skinnies that I’ve worn all winter and I have been lusting after a dark ink pair for a while…now looks like the time to place that order! Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi Lilli

    I love your blog – so many beautiful clothes!

    I always wear skirts – think I last bough jeans in 2006. Is Embody jeans stocked in any stores? I’d feel more comfortable trying them on before buying.



  4. Your buttocks look magnificent. Good on you for putting em out there. I have recently made friends with my big bobby bottom, made more pert by running and cycling.
    There are lots of songs in favour of big butts, none for pancakey ones. Suck on that, supermodels!
    I like the second outfit- very sassy.
    P.S. I had to google bumpits.

    1. LOL – I had to google them myself when I first heard read about them. I was (typical Aussie) thinking “Bum Pits” which is considerably less nice than “Bump Its”

  5. I love love love your figure, and the way you carry these jeans, wohoo!!
    I am very short Lilli, like 1.57cm you think shorties can pull off wearing Embodie jeans?
    Mind you I am also bottom heavy, and have a mommy-tommy 😉

    1. Hi Amna, I’m a meagre 1.63cm myself, so I’d say yes… Embody jeans definitely work for shorties too 🙂 I usually have to get the full length ones hemmed though 🙂

  6. Well, I have to say you are pretty much the perfect ambassador for Embody because every pair looks great on you, but unfortunately completely crap on me. I bought the Sohos using the discount (yay!) but (boo!) they look absolutely awful on me….and I usually rock high waisted jeans no problem. I hope other girls have more luck!!

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