The Way to Lilli’s Heart…

Cardigan: Big W
Skirt: Portmans
Belt: City Chic
Shoes: Schuh
The way to Lilli’s heart is… through her stomach?
Actually, that’s probably not that far from the truth… The Sophisticate wooed me with fabulous restaurants, so there’s probably a kernel of truth to it, but actually it’s this new belt from City Chic that’s set my heart aflutter today.
It was an exercise in impulse buying when I saw it in the shop last weekend. Theoretically I’d gone in to check out the new polkadot jacket I’d spotted online, but somehow this made its way into my shopping list as well. 
It’s elasticised, so it’s a great waist belt, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other outfits I can pair it with for that all-important pop of red.
Meanwhile, I’ve dusted off my favourite Schuh shoes, but they’re really looking quite fragile now. Schuh doesn’t seem to be making this style any more alas, and I’m trying to draw out the life span of the shoes, because I LUFF them, but I’m thinking about whether or not it’s possible to hand them off to a shoemaker and ask them to make the same shoe for me IN ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW (but mostly red). Anyone ever had this done?

22 thoughts on “The Way to Lilli’s Heart…

  1. Ooh I know the spotted jacket you mean, I tried it on myself this week but found it only looked good done up, hanging open it was all shoulders so I let it pass. It is nice though!

  2. Love this outfit! very cute indeed!

    I agree about getting those shoes made in every colour of the rainbow!

  3. You're always so cute and stylish! Loved your heart! And yesterday's post as well, what a great necklace !:)

  4. gorgeous look so so so sweet, I have been wondering Lilli if you have a preference for buying a bra?? I am sick of having trouble finding one that fits AND is comfortable I thought you might have advice….please xx

  5. You need to go on holiday to Vietnam! There are heaps of places that will make any shoe you like in any color! Heaven.

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