Green Legs and Ham

Dress: Barkins
Top: Giordano
Shoes: Zensu
Stockings: We Love Colors
In case you didn’t notice I’m really into statement socks and stockings this winter, so it was only a matter of time before I got my hot little hands on a pair of coloured stockings from We Love Colors
They’ve been one of the most recognisable brands for plus-size (and regular size) stockings online for years, and when they contacted me to see whether I’d to give them a whirl I leapt at the chance. 
With over 50 colour choices available, not to mention fishnets, patterned tights and stripy stockings , the hardest choice was which pair to try, but in the end I went for the regular plus-sized nylon tights in Olive Green. Fabulous!
The verdict? The colour’s amazing, and spot-on for what I expected. They don’t sag or bag at the ankles, even by the end of the day. I had my usual short-waisted issue of wearing the waistband around my ribs, but it didn’t have that annoying habit of rolling down. 
The exciting news? Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free until August with the code WELOVENZAUS. Keep you eyes peeled with their Facebook and Twitter pages as well for special offers (like the Curvy Girl of the Month competition).
I’m thinking that I might have to taken them up on the free shipping offer myself. Next on my wishlist? Striped tights…. I just have to chose a colour.

17 thoughts on “Green Legs and Ham

  1. wowee love love love the colour, i cant believe i have never checked this place out.. also on my way now 🙂 Ash xx

  2. I already have 3 pairs (2 stripy) of tights in my shopping cart. I must be insane its 30degrees here in London today!!

    I love your dress as well – gorgeous!

  3. We Love Colors is AWESOME, a huge amount of my fall wardrobe budget always goes to them.

    That green is stunning, especially with the dress.

    Can I say by the way – being in the northern hemisphere, all these posts of yours lately are really making me long for fall here.

  4. Awesome – I'm going home to NZ in September. I'm going to place an order now so I can bring a whole bunch back to asia with me ^^

  5. Love the color of your tights! The floral print of your dress is and instant mood "uplifter"!

  6. cute skirt tabs – thanks!

    Hi Kristy – I bought the plus tights in the AB size, what trouble are you having with the size chart?

  7. Thank you for the link to the tights shop!

    I wore patterned tights today!

    You are a fabulous dresser!

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