Dressing In The Dark

Blouse: Liz Jordan @ Noni B
Top: Target
Oh dear, I’ve been absent for days, and I’ve returned with an outfit that I’m not actually that sold on, but I didn’t want to make you wait any longer.
I actually have a really cute new dress that I bought last week, and I wore the heck out of it over the weekend, but every time I thought about going outside to take my wardrobe shot the heavens opened, and it rained and rained and rained.
So instead here we are, Monday morning and an early start and I was lying in my warm bed mentally trying to put an outfit together so that I could spend as little time as possible naked.
The problem with dressing in the dark is that on paper an outfit might sound fine, but in reality the different components don’t actually pull together that well. 
This morning’s outfit is case-in-point.
In retrospect (and if I’d given myself more time to get out the door this morning) I’d have exchanged the jeans for a pair in darker denim that were narrower in the leg so that I could balance out the volume of the knitted top. Probably I’d have swapped the heels for flats or boots, and I may have rethought the combination of polkadot shirt and top as well because the blousy sleeves on the shirt kind of dwarf my upper half. 
Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

7 thoughts on “Dressing In The Dark

  1. I love the outfit! I think you did an excellent job at dressing in the dark. I love that top – wish they had target in the UK.

  2. Thanks girls!

    Hi Monkey, I guess the trade-off is that you get Monsoon & Dorothy Perkins & New Look & Asos & Marks & Sparks, lol! Lucky devil!

    Ah, Samantha. Thanks for the, er, compliment, but I'm pretty happy with how I am at the moment.

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