Where the Heart Is

Pants: Crossroads
Shoes: Zensu
So I had a very heads-down-bums-up week that culminated in the world’s laziest Sunday. Huzzah!
It’s come to that part of the year – at the turning of the season – when I’m utterly sick of everything in my collection and hankering for a change in both temperature and wardrobe. I want to get back into my woolies and my boots. I splurged on some new over-the-knee socks and now I feel like I want some new frocks and skirts to wear them with.
But the weather forecast’s refusing to play ball, so I’m having to content myself with new shoes and the promise of a much-needed haircut.

Still, I have a list as long as my arm of Things What I Want On Etsy, and I’m in desperate need of a nice going-out dress (honestly, truly, I haven’t got a single frock suitable for a wedding or a really fancy restaurant) so I might put up a survey some time this week and let you – my gorgeous, super fashionable readers – make the decision a bit easier.

16 thoughts on “Where the Heart Is

  1. Blimey! How much weight have you lost? You're looking fab! What's your secret???!!

    Loving the trousers! We're on the verge of spring here in wet old England! After the winter of snow I'm eager to put on summer clothes!

  2. Hi Lillipilli, I've been following your blog for a little while and thought I'd better say hi! I'm in the southern hemisphere too, and yesterday was the first time I thought "yes, I'm looking forward to kneehighs, and coats and sweater tights of winter"- I"m sure it won't last though….wanting winter that is.

  3. I hear ya about etsy! I'm in my final year of uni and trying desperately to keep the spending at bay until I finish and finally have a job! Have been upcycling instead.. loving your blog 🙂

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