Frugal February: Greenery

Top: Borrowed from The Sophisticate
Jeans: Sussan
Shoes: Zu
Had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction this morning, and had to borrow a t-shirt from The Sophisticate’s wardrobe!
I realised when I went back through my blog that every time I wear this cardigan I do it in virtually the same way. White top, blue denim, brown shoes. I’d love some more suggestions… how would YOU wear this cardi?

17 thoughts on “Frugal February: Greenery

  1. I love green! If I had that cardi, I'd wear it a lot. I have a brown halter dress it would go over well. Plus all of my black dresses (I usually go for a pop of red, but why not green?) It would also go well with navy, khaki, gray. I don't think I'd mix it with red though. Too Christmas-y.

  2. Pretty much any dress. Over a button-down short-sleeve shirt or a screen-printed t-shirt and a pair of cigarette pants/black skinnies. Over a black t and denim skirt?

  3. Keep the white T (or maybe a lower cut white vest top), but add a poufy multi-coloured floral skirt with flats for a fifties vibe. Or a navy skirt with nautical elements…


  4. I was going to suggest the navy too..but its so close to denim. I think I would wear it with a huge white poofy skirt. that would be cute. and maybe add a yellow shirt with the cardi. I really like green and yellow together. OR what about adding grey? Ofcourse any skirt will work well with that cardi. That is a NICE piece to have in your wardrobe!

  5. I wear it with a ruffly top and high waisted skirt…my black one, that is!

    I still wear it a lot nowadays!

    I really love this cardigan!

  6. My first instinct would be to wear it with navy – navy and kelly green look gorgeous together. However, I was watching the movie Penelope last night and became enchanted with the green and purple combination the character wore. Either would be gorgeous.

  7. A black dress with some details in blue denim or yellow or red…

    Yellow, red or black shoes…

    I don´t know…could be nice, but, apparently, I´m also running out of ideas!

    Take care!

  8. A few suggestions:

    Big pussy's bow white shirt, or big pussy's bow constructed dress…

    I am perhaps a bit naughty and totally wear red with green, red florals perhaps. Or some great grey shades of pink.

    But no matter what, you should totally try it with your current dresses, and see.

    It's preppy so I can totally see why you go for the denim etc (slightly James Dean esque – or Danny from Grease if you will) … but perhaps a skirt ensemble or heavy duty cute-to-boot highwaisted shorts?

  9. i just found your blog this week and i am really enjoying it! i love that cardi! and i love seeing more curvy chicks doing fashion blogs.

  10. Love that green!

    But, what I love more are those jeans- what type are they? I want to check them out at Sussan!

  11. I just love this outfit. To mix it up I would wear a deep U-cut tank (neckline deeper than the neck of the cardi)in white or yellow and black jeans/pants with black patent round-toe ballet flats and a LOAD of long pearl necklaces.

    Or sexy it up with a white shirt (should be a U-cut though, not a V with that cardi neck being a scoop!), short jean skirt and either kelly green, white or white and green tights. And ankle booties.

    I think I need that cardi! 🙂

    I am falling desperately behind on my blog with posting my Outfits of the Day, I have had so much going on the agency this week and long hours (I'm an event manager). I did manage to post two videos, though, my first ones EVAH! haha it was a lot of fun. I will try to do some catch up photographing this weekend. http://PlusSizeFashionDiva.com

  12. Love the green cardi; green is one of my favorite colors. I typically pair it with a crisp navy blue. Or khaki. Love your blog and enjoy all your outfits and your to-die-for shoes!

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