Frugal February: First Mate

Top: McQueen @ Queen Clothing
Trousers: Entitled
Shoes: Fillipo Raphael
Thank heavens I took this shot this morning instead of doing my usual trick of waiting ’til the evening when I’m all footsore and rumpled. It was so humid this morning that it almost felt like I was breathing in a mist of warm water, but it was nothing compared to the soaking I got in the afternoon when the heavens opened.
White trousers may not have been the wisest choice for the day, but it’s been ages since I wore them, so they almost seem new…
I ducked in Sussan on my lunch-break. Just for a, you know, browse. After all – I still have seventeen days of Frugal February to go (gah!).
Still, I could’ve bought the place out – they’re doing a really cute nautical range at the moment that doesn’t seem to be up on the website yet. I tried on a white & navy striped boatneck tee with button detail that was just the cuteness, another pair of short shorts (not as good as the City Chic pair) a stripy circle skirt and a cardigan.

11 thoughts on “Frugal February: First Mate

  1. Your outfit makes me wish for spring and warm weather that goes with those white pants. Instead there's snow on the ground and crazy strong wind. Arg!

  2. Ok, so G&J's fabric on Lygon has striped jersey – approx 1" stripes in navy&white and 1.5" stripes in navy&pinkish off white. I didn't check prices (sorry!) but they're up the stairs in the stretch section on the right hand wall 🙂

  3. Ah, hearing that – A-C – makes me crave boots and coats and gloves. Swap you?

    Thanks, CurvyGirl 🙂

    It's great isn't it bellismimama? I love this season's nautical themed styles.

    Great! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog crowjoy!

    It's coming roohbaroo 🙂 I was wondering if I should wait until after Frugal February, in case anyone else is being good 😉

    LOL, do Chantelle – they have some great stuff at the moment.

    Thanks, Jodes 🙂

    It's a great shirt, Jen. I'm really glad I decided to buy it earlier this year. It's ended up being bang on trend.

    Oh, my hero, Harbourmaster! I'll check 'em out tomorrow! Thank you SO much!

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